Honors Jazz Combo

In 2017, the South Carolina Band Directors Association approved a proposal to start the SCBDA Honors Jazz Combo that will perform as part of the Master Recital Concert at the SCMEA Conference in Columbia. The 2020 date for the clinic and performance will be February 8, 2020. The audition procedures and play-along track downloads are available below. Additional information regarding the clinician will be posted as soon as possible. If you have any questions regarding the clinic or the auditions, please be sure to refer to the SCBDA Honors Jazz Combo section in the Jazz Committee portion of the handbook or contact Mark Yost.


Selection Process

Band directors will submit an online application and a recording of the student’s performance through Bandlink.

  • A hard copy of the application must be postmarked by Friday, November 8, 2019, which is the same as the master recital and region band registration deadline in the fall.
  • The application must include verification from the director that the student named in the application is the student performing on the recording.
  • There will be a non-refundable $20.00 application fee.
  • All submissions should not exceed 15 minutes, which includes the selections in the order listed below.
  • Since this is the only chance for the student to be heard, the quality of the recording should be of utmost consideration. The quality of your recording will affect the evaluators’ ability to review and comment. A high-quality audio recording is expected.
  • Review your recording(s) before you submit to check the sound level and ensure the best audio quality.
  • Be aware of the acoustic environment in which you record. Background noise and poor sound quality make your recording difficult to evaluate.
  • Only unedited recordings can be accepted and should be in high fidelity stereo.

Wind Instrument Audition Requirements

  • Prepared Selection: Take the A-Train  Play through the tune one time then two choruses of improv and back through the tune once again for a total of 4 choruses. Accompaniment may be live (preferred) or the recorded changes provided on Bandlink. We also encourage the use of an interactive computer accompaniment program if live accompaniment is not available. 
  • 2nd Selection (Jazz Standard): Play a jazz classic or standard song in any jazz style, including the melody a minimum of two, maximum of three, choruses of improvisation on this particular piece.

Rhythm Section Instruments (All) Audition Requirements

  • You may also use the accompaniment tracks found on Bandlink or a computer accompaniment program. (3 choruses of improvisation maximum)
  • Selections for Straight Eighth and Ballad are your choice. Composers to consider are Thelonious Monk, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, George Gershwin, Jerome Kern, Wayne Shorter, Tito Puente, Milton Nascimento, Antonio Carlos Jobim, David Sanborn, Kirk Whalum, as appropriate to styles indicated.
  • Prepared Selection: Take The A-Train  
    • Piano/Guitar/Vibes: Melody, two choruses of comping, two choruses of improvisation.
    • Bass: Melody, two choruses of walking, two choruses of improvisation.
  • Straight Eighth Selection (Brazilian/Afro-Cuban/Funk) Selection of your choice.
    • Piano/Guitar/Vibes: Melody, two choruses of comping as appropriate to the style, minimum two choruses/maximum of three of improvisation.
    • Bass: Melody, two choruses of an appropriate bass line in the chosen style, minimum two choruses/maximum of three of improvisation.
  • Ballad Selection:
    • Piano/Guitar/Vibes: Melody, comping as appropriate to style for two choruses, minimum two choruses/maximum of three of improvisation.
    • Bass: Bass line as appropriate to style for two choruses instead of comping, optional improvisation-minimum two choruses/ maximum of three.

Drum Set Audition Requirements

  • Using the tracks provided on Bandlink for Take the A-Train play: 2 choruses of time (1st chorus behind the melody, 2nd chorus behind a soloist), one chorus of trading 4s, one chorus of solo, and finish with one chorus of time. Accompaniment may be live (strongly preferred) or recorded. 
  • Demonstrate time in Latin, Ballad (brushes), Funk and Up-Tempo Swing. Play on song forms 1 minute each style. Include one chorus of improvisation for each style.

Accompaniment Track Downloads

  • Please check back later.