SCBDA Classifications

In the spring of 2006, the SCBDA voted to no longer use the South Carolina High School League school classifications to classify high school bands. High school bands are classified and re-aligned each year by the SCBDA using the South Carolina State Department of Education 45-day ADM figures. The following formula is used for classifications:

School Size Rank Division Classification
1-16 5A
17-48 4A
48-96 3A
96-144 2A
144+ 1A

This change resulted in several bands to receive different classifications between the SCHSL and the SCBDA. It is possible for a school to be a 3A school in the SCHSL and a 4A band in the SCBDA or vice versa. This is similar to bands being classified differently at local competitions compared to the state championships. Directors, please consult the Marching Section of the SCBDA Handbook for more information.

  • Click Here to view Marching Classification Information for 2018-2020. (Revised June 2019)
  • Click Here to view Enrollment Numbers by Marching Classification Division used in reclassification for 2018-2020.


Information will be hyperlinked below following the Marching Band Draw at the 2019 Fall Meeting of the SCBDA.