Bandlink FAQ

What is Band Link?
Band Link is a non-profit web site dedicated to promoting South Carolina’s School Band Programs.

Who runs Band Link?
Band Link was created by Jeffrey Thompson and Donna Thompson with information and suggestions from band directors across the state. Day-to-day maintenance is done Ryan Tinker, SCBDA Technology Chairman, and members of the SCBDA Executive Board.

Where does Band Link get its information?
Nearly all the information we post (scores, recaps, schedules, band page information…) is e-mailed by band directors or assistant directors. Information pertaining to South Carolina Band Directors’ Association (SCBDA) events (All State, OPAs, Concert Festival, State Marching Festival…) is sent directly from members of that event’s committee. We always consider the source of information before putting information online.

Why does Band Link not have information about ____?
Some times we can’t get the information from an authoritative source. Sometimes we may not know how to get that particular information. Occasionally we just let something slip by us.

Why doesn’t my band have a link on the list of bands?
If your band is not linked to our list of bands, it’s probably because we haven’t been asked by the band director to put a link there.

How long does it take to get a change made to a page?
It typically takes a day or two to get changes/updates online depending on the nature of the change.

Why can only directors link band pages?
The band director is the one responsible for the band and must approve the information on his band’s page. This policy helps to insure accuracy of the information about the band.  Assistant directors are considered directors if they are employed by the school and/or receive a supplement for working with the band.

How do I get a link to my band’s page added to the list of bands?
We will be glad to add a link to any South Carolina Elementary, Middle, or High School official band page. Just send an e-mail to the webmaster with the band name and the URL (internet address of the page). (Only band directors may request their band’s page be added to Band Link.