Virtual Event Information

Virtual Solo & Ensemble At A Glance

  • All performances will be recorded in videos and uploaded. Click Here to download a tutorial for using Google Drive to upload your video entries and then create a shareable access link to provide to the SCBDA.

  • Videos must be uploaded by November 13th. This process should be started before November 13th since it will be a time-consuming process. No videos will be accepted after November 13th for any reason.

  • Please see the handbook for detailed information regarding virtual solo and ensemble rules and procedures. It has been updated to reflect this year’s events.

  • Rules regarding the performance of music for a rating are the same as in previous years.

  • Original copies of the music do not need to be provided to judges but directors are responsible for ensuring that students are performing music that has been purchased and/or adheres to copyright law.

  • There will be a second event in May that will be open to all students of any level.