CPA Objectives and Standards

The following information provides both aims/objectives of SCBDA-sponsored concert events and the National and State standards met through participation.


The following National Standards for Music (Ensemble) are addressed in the execution of this SCBDA sponsored event:

MU:Pr4.3.E Develop personal interpretations that consider creators’ intent.
MU:Pr5.3.E Evaluate and refine personal and ensemble performances, individually or in collaboration with others.
MU:Pr6.1.E Perform expressively, with appropriate interpretation and technical accuracy, and in a manner appropriate to the audience and context.
MU:Re8.1.E Support an interpretation of a musical work that reflects the creators’/performers’ expressive intent.
MU:Re9.1E Support personal evaluation of musical works and performance(s) based on analysis, interpretation, and established criteria.

The following South Carolina College and Career Ready Standards for Instrumental Music are addressed in the execution of this SCBDA sponsored event:

Anchor Standard 3: I can produce a characteristic tone.

Anchor Standard 4: I can perform with technical accuracy and expression.

Anchor Standard 5: I can perform using musical notation.

Anchor Standard 7: I can evaluate music.

I. Aims and Objectives

  1. To promote statewide interest in concert bands.

  2. To recognize outstanding achievement in concert bands.

  3. To provide worthwhile educational encouragement and guidance from qualifiedĀ adjudicators.

  4. To provide directors and students the opportunity to hear other concert bands.