2017 Region Band Auditions – Statement from the SCBDA

The 2017 SCBDA Region Band auditions have been moved to the inclement weather date, January 14th. Over the past week, the All-State Chairman, Region Chairmen, Site Hosts, and the SCBDA Executive Board have been in daily, sometimes hourly discussions about the viability of holding auditions this weekend based on the forecasted weather events. On Thursday morning, based on National Weather Service forecasts and school district guidance around much of the state, it was determined to postpone the region auditions for Region 1, 2, 3, & 5 to the inclement weather date. On early Friday afternoon, three school districts in Region 4 canceled all weekend travel based on the current forecast at the time. Please understand that many students across the state travel to auditions on school or activity buses. This decision, along with other concerns, forced the postponement of Region 4 auditions to the inclement weather date as well.

We understand that the implementation of this option will present many challenges for both students and directors, but this is the procedure approved by the membership (band directors). There have been many concerns with the region band inclement weather date being on the MLK Holiday weekend and questions as to why it cannot be moved to January 21st

  1. The region audition inclement weather date is January 14th. Moving it to the 21st would create just as many, possibly more issues than using the established/published date.
  2. Most region audition host sites are not available to host the weekend of the 21st
  3. Moving to the 21st would require the All-State auditions to be moved as well thus creating an additional conflict.

Our first priority will always be the safety of students, parents, and anyone involved with our events. After that, we do everything possible to ensure that we do what we can to run the affected event with as little disruptions as possible. Region Band auditions are held in 5 separate locations involving over 8,500 students and 500+ directors and others who serve as judges. Some regions encompass very large geographic areas and the weather events of this weekend may not affect the entire region.

The SCBDA established inclement weather audition dates years ago to have a contingency for winter weather events. These dates have been developed to allow the most flexibly in the event of “multiple” weekends of weather issues. These dates are posted in the SCBDA handbook and have been approved by the membership of SCBDA. Under our rules, if the region band audition date is compromised then we move to the inclement weather date that is the following weekend. 

Furthermore, there have been requests for alternate audition opportunities. Per the established rules, students must audition in person the day of the audition and no alternate form of audition is allowed. Unfortunately, there is no feasible way for students to not be present on the audition day and allow for a fair audition process for all involved. Again, we realize that this will present hardships and decisions for many students who have been working towards the auditions this weekend, but there are no other possible contingencies.

There are a multitude of factors that have to be taken into consideration when making a decision of this magnitude. It is our hope that everyone involved can understand that all decisions are made with the best interests of ALL students and programs involved in our events. 


Joe F. Gulledge III, President
South Carolina Band Directors Association