Solo and Ensemble Registration Instructions

Registration for our Solo & Ensemble is completed by band directors by using the registration form found in the Director’s Area. While much of the information you enter will be the same as in years past, directors will receive a printer-friendly PDF to view, sign, and mail with their registration fee. Directors may now also pay their registration fee using a credit card when submitting a registration.

Depending on your school’s level of participation at this event, the Solo & Ensemble registration form can be pretty extensive. Directors are encouraged to begin the process early and finalize the following information before starting the form submission:

  • Confirm which site location you wish to attend.
  • Do you have any special considerations for scheduling accommodations for your site chair?
  • Determine the estimated mileage from your school and the site.
  • Solo Entry Details
    • Student Name (First Last)
    • Instrument
    • Student Grade Level
    • Accompanist Assignment
  • Duets, Trios, Quartets, Quintets, Sextets, and Large Ensemble Details
    • Student Names (First Last, separated by a “,”)
    • Ensemble Type (Brass, Woodwind, Mixed, etc.)
    • Student Grade Levels (separated by a “,” for each respective student name listed)
  • Music Theory Tests
    • Student Name (First Last)
    • Student Grade Level

For the handful of schools that need to register for more than one site location, schools must complete a separate registration form for each site location. 

Please make every possible effort to ensure your registration is submitted without careless errors. If you discover a problem after submission and need a simple correction, please contact Ryan Tinker. For compliance reasons, manipulating existing submissions that were paid via credit card (adding more entries or adjusting the registration in any way that affects the total amount charged) cannot be made. Significant changes may require additional registration entries and incur additional fees.

For all other questions related to Solo & Ensemble, please reach out to the event chair, Matthew Boiteau, or your site chair.