Master Recital – FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about the Master Recital Competition

In response to the increasing interest in the Master Recital, here are a few “FAQ”S” that may provide some answers:

  1. What’s the registration deadline?   The registration deadline is December 1, 2023.
  2. What students can participate? The competition is open to 11th and 12th grade students who are excellent soloists on their band instrument. (no piano or strings. . . yes, it happens. . . )
  1. When are the audition recordings due? Recordings are uploaded at the time the band director fills out the online application.
  1. Is an accompaniment required for the audition recording? No. An accompanist is optional. Last year, half of the finalists submitted solos without the piano accompaniment.
  1. How are the audition recordings evaluated and selections made? The auditions are compiled and the names removed from them, with code numbers replacing the names. The recorded auditions are evaluated by professional musicians who are not affiliated with any schools. Every effort is made to find qualified evaluators who do not teach any of the students who are auditioning. We have been very successful in avoiding that conflict of interest. The event chairman is not involved in the evaluations except to compile the recordings into a single collection and to remove the names before giving them to the evaluators. When the evaluations are completed, the student codes will be replaced with their names.
  1. When will we be notified of the selection of finalists? The notifications will be sent out by the second week of December. Directors of the finalists will receive emails with attachments regarding program information, bio information, directions to the venue and other pertinent information.
  1. If my student is selected, does he/she need an accompaniment for the Master Recital? If the piece requires an accompaniment, an accompanist must perform with the soloist. Each performer must make their own arrangements for an accompanist.
  2. Where and when will the Master Recital take place? The Master Recital is scheduled as part of the South Carolina Music Educators In-Service Conference in February. The performance is at the USC Alumni Center across from the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center.