SCBDA Calls Special Meeting for Committee Elections

Dear Friends:
As a result of the All-State Band Clinic getting canceled, we were unable to elect new committee members for 2020-2021. I received ten written requests by active members in good standing to hold a “special meeting” per Article VII, Section 5 of the SCBDA bylaws. The SCBDA will hold this special meeting digitally, beginning on April 15, 2020. Members will have the opportunity to nominate other members in good standing for committees via a digital form. The nomination process will last for three days and will close on April 18, 2020, at midnight. As soon as possible, after nominations close, an online voting process will begin. We will configure ballots to provide members of each classification an opportunity to vote for nominated members of each committee.
As you are thinking about who to nominate for committee positions, please refer to the committee lists on Bandlink under each committee’s section. During the nomination and voting process, please make sure to nominate and vote for members within your designated classification. You will vote in your NEW classification for 2020-2022. In addition, you should nominate members in their NEW classification. The updated classification list can be found by clicking here
Thank you all for your flexibility during these strange, difficult times. As always, if I can be of assistance, please reach out.
Chaz Paxton