February Business Meeting Info


I hope this finds you all well, safe, and off to a great start in the second semester of the school year. I wanted to take the opportunity to communicate the game plan for our Business Meeting on February 6, 2021, at 3:00 PM, as well as plans for the scheduled Business Meeting during the All-State Clinic weekend.

Directors: Please register for the business meeting (conducted via Zoom) by clicking here. Access instructions will be e-mailed to you following your registration submission.

In regards to “Meetings,” our by-laws state:


Section 1. Three regular meetings of the SCBDA shall be held each year:

A. On the first Saturday in September after Labor Day
B. At the annual SCMEA In-Service Conference
C. At the SCBDA All-State Band Clinic

Section 2. The meetings held at the SCMEA In-Service Conference and All-State clinic will be the regular business meetings of the SCBDA. New business of the SCBDA relating to the coming year’s events and changes to the bylaws may be considered only at these meetings, except as provided under “Suspension of Rules of Order” according to Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised.

Section 3. New proposals for changing SCBDA procedures must be presented to the appropriate committee chairman by an SCBDA member prior to the first annual business meeting.

In addition, in regards to “Elections,” our by-laws state:

Section 2. Election of officers:

A. Officers shall be elected in odd-numbered years at the SCBDA meeting during the SCMEA In-Service Conference.

The February 6 meeting will serve as our regularly scheduled “SCMEA In-Service Conference” Business Meeting. At this meeting, our agenda will include the election of the offices of President-Elect and Corresponding Secretary. Per our by-laws and usual procedure, nominations will be taken for these positions from the business meeting floor. We will also be voting to suspend the by-laws to discuss the Jazz Performance Assessment’s performance format. These will be the only matters of business that will take place during the February 6 meeting. The reasoning for this is because February 6 is the same day that our All-State Band auditions will be judged, and time is of the essence with so many events going on that day. There will be no committee meetings leading up to the February 6 Business Meeting.

Because our All-State General Meeting is also a Business Meeting, we have the opportunity to discuss and vote on proposals from committees at that meeting. Committee meetings will be scheduled for the All-State weekend (May 14-16, 2021), and proposals will be discussed and voted on during these meetings. Any proposal that passes committee during the aforementioned committee meetings will be presented to the body at the All-State Business Meeting. Our by-laws state that all proposals are required to be submitted to the respective committee chair before the first annual Business Meeting. Therefore, we will accept new proposals during the week of February 1 – 6, and those proposals will be discussed during the committee meetings scheduled for the All-State Band weekend. Proposals will be submitted through Bandlink and must be submitted by Saturday, February 6, 2021, at 3:00 PM.

I continue to appreciate your understanding and flexibility as we attempt to navigate through uncharted waters in our association.

As always, if I can be of help to you, please let me know!


Chaz Paxton
SCBDA President