COVID-19 & SCBDA Events as of 3/12/2020

Fellow Directors:

In light of other cancellations in our activity as well as new information that has come to light in the last twenty-four hours, out of concern for all involved, we have decided to cancel the 2020 South Carolina All-State Band Clinic. The nature of the All-State Band Clinic has students and directors traveling from all over the state and with potential exposure in hotels, restaurants, and other venues coupled with a large group setting such as the concert on Sunday, the risk is too great.

We understand that this comes as a disappointment to many. I completely understand as this was a gut-wrenching, heartbreaking decision for us. However, please know that we looked at this from all angles and weighed the worst-case scenarios and we feel that with the information we have, it is in our best interest to err on the side of caution and be proactive about our responsibility to avoid any extra exposure to potential carriers of the COVID-19 virus.

We also understand that there are many questions regarding Concert Performance Assessment. Please know that we are already having those conversations. While much of our decision making will depend on school district closures and site host availability, we will always keep the well-being of our members and their students at the forefront of our thoughts and decision making process.

All programs will receive OPA points for any student registered for the 2020 All-State Band Clinic. If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. These are uncharted waters for all of us and I know that there is an abundance of uncertainty right now. We will get through all of this together.

Chaz Paxton

Leah Turner
Vice President

Chuck Deen

Jessica Wofford
All-State Chair