COVID-19 & SCBDA Events as of 3/11/2020


I want to let everyone know that as of now, the All-State Clinic will be held this weekend as scheduled. We know that several states are canceling their All-State events and districts in neighboring states have limited student travel. At this time, we do not feel that the cancellation of our event is necessary. The Emergency Response Team and Dean at Furman University met today and decided that Furman will extend Spring Break for an additional week and has canceled face to face classes until March 27. However, their main concern is for Furman students coming back from Spring break, not for our event. As of now, Furman has communicated that we are clear to have our All-State Band event this weekend on campus and there will be limited populace on campus as Furman is on Spring Break. If Furman decides in the next 48 hours that their campus is to be closed to events this weekend, we would have no choice but to cancel the All-State Band Clinic, however, we do not foresee that happening at this point.

In addition, if any district of a scheduled CPA site chooses to close in the next two weeks, we would be forced to cancel that CPA event as well. If your district has chosen to limit travel and your program cannot participate in SCBDA events affected, please know that we will consider OPA implications on a case-by-case basis. If you are affected by these circumstances and cannot attend the All-State Clinic or CPA because of district policy, please contact Jessica Wofford or your CPA Site Chair immediately. We are monitoring the situation day by day and will communicate any changes to the calendar as soon as possible.

Chaz Paxton
President, SCBDA