Title Composer/Arranger Publisher Copyright Grade
West Salem Winds Huckeby Barnhouse 4
Western Horizons Thomas Kahelin Alfred Music Publishing 2009 2
Western Legend Feldstein/O'Reilly Alfred 2 1
Westlake Overture O'Reilly Alfred 2
Westminster Procession Taylor William Allen 2 2
Westminster Sketches Bocook Musicworks 1990 4
Westridge Overture Barnes Norman Lee 1 3
Westwind Overture McGinty Hal Leonard 1
Westwood Portrait Spears Barnhouse POP 3
Whatsoever Things Camphouse Southern 6
When Angels Weep Shaffer Barnhouse 4
When Honor Prevails Swearingen Barnhouse 2006 4
When I Close My Eyes, I See Dancers Mahr Kjos 1997 6
When Jesus Wept Schuman PRI 2 6
When Johnny Comes Marching Home Pearson/Elledge Kjos 3
When Kings Go Forth Swearingen Hal Leonard 2001 2
When Summer Takes Flight Smith Belwin 2002 2
When Summer’s in the Meadow Longfield FJH Music 2001 4
When the Spring Rain Begins to Fall… Randall D. Standridge Grand Mesa Music 2013 3
When the Stars Began to Fall Allen TRN 1 3
Where Never Lark or Eagle Flew Curnow Hal Leonard 5
Where the Black Hawk Soars Smith, RW Belwin 4
Where the Sun Breaks Through the Mist Sweeny Hal Leonard 2006 3
While I Was Watching the Yellow Wheat Larry Daehn Daehn Publications 2002 2
Whiplash Randall D. Standridge Wingert Jones Publications 2014 3
Whispers from the Heart Farmer Daehn Publications 2006 3
White River Ballad Gorham Wingert-Jones 2001 2
Whitewater Festival Shaffer Barnhouse POP 4
Whitewater Journey Preuninger Alfred 2005 3
Who Can Sail Against the Wind McGinty Queenwood 2003 2