2001 SC All-State Senior Band




Dr. Mallory Thompson

Dr. Thompson is Director of Bands, Professor of Music and Coordinator of the Conducting Program at Northwestern University.  She maintains an active schedule as guest conductor, clinician, and guest lecturer at the public school and university level throughout the United States and Canada.

Senior Band Selections

  • American Salute
  • “Gandalf” – The Wizard 
    from Symphony No. 1 “The Lord of the Rings”
  • Lincolnshire Posey
  • The Gallant Seventh March
Morton Gould / Philip J. Lang
John de Meij

Percy Aldridge Grainger / Fredrick Fennell
John Philip Sousa / Fredrick Fennell


Instrument Name School All St Chair
Flute Erin Moody Berkeley High School 1
Flute Katie Ipock Governors School of Arts 2
Flute Kate Moon Stratford High School 3
Flute Lisa Smith Stratford High School 4
Flute Nicole Hammond Stratford High School 5
Flute Angie Ciuca Lexington High School 6
Flute Jace Herring Irmo High School 7
Flute Lauren Kiser Waccamaw High School 8
Flute Danielle Ross Richland Northeast 9
Flute Kimberly Witherspoon East Clarendon High School 10
Flute Kristina Blackston Lexington High School 11
Flute Jessica Hicks Lexington High School 12
Flute Tiffany Loveless Dutch Fork High School A1
Flute Leslie Rayner Spring Valley High School A2
Flute Caryn Bogan Fort Mill High School A3
Flute Ashley Young Lexington High School A4
Flute James Miller Spartanburg High School A5
Flute Amber Guyton Summerville High School A6
Oboe Jeffrey Stephenson Irmo High School 1
Oboe Kirsten Hall Aiken High School 2
Oboe Joy Ward South Aiken High School 3
Oboe Stephanie Keast Fort Mill High School 4
Oboe Laurel Curry Wando High School A1
Oboe Allison Livingston Crestwood High School A2
Bassoon Justin Ormand Aiken High School 1
Bassoon Kristopher Walters South Aiken High School 2
Bassoon Shrieka Gilliard Charleston School of the Arts 3
Bassoon Sarah Gowan Lexington High School 4
Bassoon Peter Andersen Bob Jones Academy A1
Bassoon Elizabeth Flaherty Wando High School A2
Clarinet David Macgrayne Irmo High School 1
Clarinet Micah Boon Ridge View High School 2
Clarinet Tracy Jones Great Falls High School 3
Clarinet Jessica Lacy Northside Christian School 4
Clarinet Matthew Botsch Aiken High School 5
Clarinet Alison Thigpen Wando High School 6
Clarinet Engley, Christian Boiling Springs High School 7
Clarinet Tonisha Fuller Newberry High School 8
Clarinet Megan Anderson Irmo High School 9
Clarinet Emily Hutchinson Mid-Carolina High School 10
Clarinet Kristen Domblesky Bob Jones Academy 11
Clarinet Hau Liu D.W. Daniel High School 12
Clarinet Kim Crist Chapin High School 13
Clarinet Kacey Ferrell James F. Byrnes High School 14
Clarinet Mary Lee Cawthon Lexington High School 15
Clarinet Will Jeter Wando High School 16
Clarinet Megan Wright Summerville High School 17
Clarinet Rachel Hundley Wando High School 18
Clarinet Marcus Washington Goose Creek High School 19
Clarinet Ivy Tran Northwestern High School 20
Clarinet Danny Ehrhart Clover High School 21
Clarinet Angela Salter Bob Jones Academy 22
Clarinet Denise Glover Midland Valley High School 23
Clarinet Leah Stokes Aiken High School 24
Clarinet Kristen Rossman Fort Mill High School A1
Clarinet Katie Brockman Northwestern High School A2
Clarinet Katie Bott Northwestern High School A3
Clarinet Michael Abraham Dorman High School A4
Clarinet Ian Lampkin Charleston School of the Arts A5
Clarinet Ashley Oberholzer Bob Jones Academy A6
Clarinet Regina Ellerbe Wilson High School A7
Clarinet Belton Mickle Camden High School A8
Bass Clarinet Janelle Root Northwestern High School 1
Bass Clarinet Ashleigh Nagel Wando High School 2
Bass Clarinet Kevin Juang D.W. Daniel High School 3
Bass Clarinet LaKeal Williams Blackville-Hilda High School 4
Bass Clarinet Rachel Hardy Chapin High School A1
Bass Clarinet Jeanette McFadden Lake City High School A2
Contra bass clarinet Jennifer Corpening Dorman High School 1
Contra bass clarinet Alex Pierce Fort Mill High School 2
Contra bass clarinet Christine Johnson Lakewood High School A1
Alto sax Michael Griffith Walhalla H. S. 1
Alto sax Steven Dragun Chapin High School 2
Alto sax Lauren Meccia James F. Byrnes High School 3
Alto sax Daniel Berryhill Fort Mill High School 4
Alto sax Will Avrett Wando High School 5
Alto sax Patrick Steiner Irmo High School 6
Alto sax Kevin Holman Governor’s School for Science and Math A1
Alto sax Robert Young Governors School of Arts A2
Alto sax Darrius Langston Richland Northeast A3
Tenor sax Jeff McMeans Summerville High School 1
Tenor sax Austin Carnell Wilson High School 2
Tenor sax Mattie Mitchell Newberry High School A1
Bari sax Eleni Katsanevakis Wando High School 1
Bari sax Greg Padgett White Knoll High School A1
Trumpet Steve Kilburn Dutch Fork High School 1
Trumpet Jess Turner Bob Jones Academy 2
Trumpet Thomas Cotter Gaffney High School 3
Trumpet John Messinger Wando High School 4
Trumpet John Hind Belton-Honea Path High School 5
Trumpet Mike Bandy AC Flora High School 6
Trumpet Tim Kucharski South Aiken High School(senior) 7
Trumpet Cole Davis West Florence High School 8
Trumpet Kris Hammond Hillcrest High School 9
Trumpet Arthur Kunkle Socastee High School 10
Trumpet Gus Katsanevakis Wando High School 11
Trumpet Andy Wise Chapin High School 12
Trumpet Joey Castillo South Aiken High School(senior) 13
Trumpet Logan Young Georgetown High School 14
Trumpet Rogers, Zach Boiling Springs High School 15
Trumpet Corbin Crittenden White Knoll High School 16
Trumpet Jordan Little Gilbert High School A1
Trumpet Cory Russell Orangeburg-Wilkinson HS A2
Trumpet Davoren Kirk Northwestern High School A3
Trumpet Christopher Kristich Governors School of Arts A4
Trumpet Kenneth Green Irmo High School A5
Trumpet Amy French Aiken High School A6
Trumpet Dusty McCollum Florence Christian School A7
Trumpet Brandon Floyd Ware Shoals High School A8
French horn Brandon Dyches Dutch Fork High School 1
French horn Amy Deaderick Lexington High School 2
French horn Beth Murff Boiling Springs High School 3
French horn Andy McNeice Irmo High School 4
French horn Julie Wilde Goose Creek High School 5
French horn Rebecca Garr Academic Magnet High School 6
French horn David Rest Wando High School 7
French horn Lacy Brown Boiling Springs High School 8
French horn Steve Lownes Dorman High School A1
French horn Corinne Sheridan Dreher High School A2
French horn Alicia McIntyre James F. Byrnes High School A3
French horn Jessica Carter Gilbert High School A4
Trombone Christopher J. Smith Chapman High School 1
Trombone Scott Harrison S.C. Governors School for the Arts 2
Trombone Matt Hammond North Myrtle Beach High School 3
Trombone Neil Duncan Boiling Springs High School 4
Trombone Andrew Reich Brookland-Cayce HS 5
Trombone Matthew Henderson S.C. Governors School for the Arts 6
Trombone Jon Hughes Northwestern High School 7
Trombone Derek Owens Lexington High School 8
Trombone Dan Dickinson Sumter High School 9
Trombone Neely Murphy Fort Mill High School A1
Trombone Adam Harper James F. Byrnes High School A2
Trombone Jesse Englehart Lugoff-Elgin High School A3
Trombone Brian Bohannon Fort Dorchester High School A4
Trombone Josh McIntyre D.W.Daniel High School A5
Euphonium Jackel Smalls Goose Creek High School 1
Euphonium David DeSoto Irmo High School 2
Euphonium Emily Jones Wando High School 3
Euphonium Sam LoBue Fort Mill High School 4
Euphonium Dennis Nichols Northwestern High School A1
Euphonium Andrew Killgore Ridge View High School A2
Tuba Roger Keane Dreher High School 1
Tuba Cagney Burnette Wren High 2
Tuba Elizabeth Jamison S.C. Governors School for the Arts 3
Tuba Kevin Brown Governor’s School for Science and Math 4
Tuba Lathan Pooser Orangeburg-Wilkinson HS 5
Tuba Caleb Risher Richland Northeast 6
Tuba Sammie Holmes Goose Creek High School 7
Tuba Nathan Smith Camden High School 8
Tuba Lew Lewis Wando High School A1
Tuba Lee Gaymon Sumter High School A2
Tuba Marcus Mckoy Wilson High School A3
Tuba Sarah Kizer Boiling Springs High School A4
String bass John Fisher Charleston School of the Arts 1
String bass Cathryn Lyons Aiken High School 2
Snare Betsy Dew James Island high School 1
Snare Phillip Hare Dutch Fork High School 2
Snare Alan Walters Dutch Fork High School 3
Snare Russell Bryant Wando High School 4
Snare Adam Brown West Florence High School 5
Snare David Patterson West Ashley High School A1
Snare Brett Ermer Northwestern High School A2
Snare James Duncan Summerville High School A3
Mallets Brandie Lane Spring Valley High School 1
Mallets Ashley Isiminger Aiken High School 2
Mallets Nathan Gray Clover High School A1
Timpani Steven Christman Clover High School 1
Timpani Isaac Cantrell Silver Bluff High School A1