2001 SC All-State Junior Band



Van B. Ragsdale

Mr. Ragsdale is the Director of Fine Arts for the 60,000 student Arlington, Texas School District. He has been a public school band director and music administrator for 32 years.  Ragsdale is in frequent demand as a band clinican/conductor and lecturer and has over 50 band compositions, arrangements and editions to his credit.

Junior Band Selections

  • Air Waves
  • Dance of the Tumblers
  • A Walk With McCarley
  • The Great Locomotive Chase
Joseph Olivaditi / Robert Foster
Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov / Andrew Balent
Van Ragsdale
Robert W. Smith


Instrument Name School All St Chair
Flute Laurie Morton Westminster Middle 1
Flute Laura Rose Cario Middle School 2
Flute Kim Alford Westview Middle School 3
Flute Sarah Beaty Kennedy Middle School 4
Flute Suzi Nodine Edwards Middle School 5
Flute Catherine Kunkle St. James Middle School 6
Flute Samantha Shaw Gold Hill MS 7
Flute Lauren Lyons Irmo Middle School 8
Flute Casey Stanaland Westview Middle School 9
Flute Lauren Shaw School of the Arts – Middle 10
Flute April Abernathy Fort Mill Middle School 11
Flute Stacey Turner Gold Hill MS 12
Flute Laura Laughlin Kennedy Middle School A1
Flute Megan Daley McCracken Junior High School A2
Flute Terri Moser Irmo Middle School A3
Flute Katie Rate Gilbert Middle School A4
Flute Emily Rast Dutch Fork Middle School A5
Flute Abigail Larson Bob Jones Junior High A6
Oboe Alexandra Beatty Dawson School of the Arts – Middle 1
Oboe Adriana Rodriguez Gold Hill MS 2
Oboe Kristina Kirk School of the Arts – Middle 3
Oboe Michael Juang Edwards Middle School 4
Oboe Claudia Beard Blythewood Middle School A1
Oboe Casey Washington Chapin Middle School A2
Bassoon Mary Catherine Pitts Beech Springs Intermediate School 1
Bassoon Patrick Tarrant Hughes Academy 2
Bassoon Treavor Murray School of the Arts – Middle 3
Bassoon Katelyn Lindburg Kennedy Middle School 4
Bassoon Sarah Moncer White Knoll Middle School A1
Bassoon Robin Cannon Saluda Trail Middle School A2
Clarinet Nikki Morton Westminster Middle 1
Clarinet Allison Matthews Blythewood Middle School 2
Clarinet Sarah Day Gregg Middle School 3
Clarinet Natalie Parker Bob Jones Junior High 4
Clarinet Ashleigh Derrick Chapin Middle School 5
Clarinet Kristina Meanley Westview Middle School 6
Clarinet Carley Anderson Moultrie Middle School 7
Clarinet Laura Chavoya Laing Middle School 8
Clarinet Lauren Henderson McCracken Junior High School 9
Clarinet Phillip Lipton School of the Arts – Middle 10
Clarinet Hiroya Nambu Northside Middle School (G) 11
Clarinet Emily Canup Drayton Hall Middle School 12
Clarinet Sarah Lee Blythewood Middle School 13
Clarinet Joanne Prinsloo Gold Hill MS 14
Clarinet Kyle Binion Kennedy Middle School 15
Clarinet Latasha Williams Bates Middle School 16
Clarinet Ashley Griffiths College Park Middle School 17
Clarinet Kelly Sellers Lugoff-Elgin Middle School 18
Clarinet Steven Marsh Laing Middle School 19
Clarinet Erin Pruitt Belton Middle School 20
Clarinet William Gaines Jackson Middle 21
Clarinet Rose Ann Derrick Gilbert Middle School 22
Clarinet Emily Young Alston Middle School 23
Clarinet Jeanne Pruitt D.R. Hill Middle School 24
Clarinet Tameka Stripling McCracken Junior High School A1
Clarinet Cara Singletary Ronald E. McNair Jr. High School A2
Clarinet Melanie McFadden Laing Middle School A3
Clarinet Lizzy Siceloff Myrtle Beach Middle School A4
Clarinet Ricky Walburn Dent Middle School A5
Clarinet Leah Mock Schofield Middle School A6
Clarinet Stacey Takarczyk Cario Middle School A7
Clarinet Tiffany Widener Laing Middle School A8
Bass Clarinet Christopher Jones College Park Middle School 1
Bass Clarinet Brian Hill Edwards Middle School 2
Bass Clarinet Katie Lowery Palmetto Middle School 3
Bass Clarinet Mary Rudisill Summit Parkway Middle School 4
Bass Clarinet Joshua Fernandes School of the Arts – Middle A1
Bass Clarinet Joy Medders Edwards Middle School A2
Contra bass clarinet Kelsey Cellon Moultrie Middle School 1
Contra bass clarinet Brenna Kendrick Paul Knox Middle School 2
Contra bass clarinet Vanessa Cowart Gold Hill MS A1
Alto sax Nick Mills Rawlinson Road MS 1
Alto sax Brian Hogue St. James Middle School 2
Alto sax Benjamin McCollum Florence Christian School 3
Alto sax Edward Buckley Moultrie Middle School 4
Alto sax Drew Bryan Boiling Springs Jr. High 5
Alto sax Krista Scott Summit Parkway Middle School 6
Alto sax James Allen Weathers Chapin Middle School A1
Alto sax Sam Webb E.L Wright Middle A2
Alto sax Bradley McGraw Laing Middle School A3
Tenor sax Nichole Bennett Chapin Middle School 1
Tenor sax Taryn Kimel School of the Arts – Middle 2
Tenor sax Clayton Nash Clover Middle School A1
Bari sax Stuart Ray Summit Parkway Middle School 1
Bari sax Ali Aikins Gold Hill MS A1
Trumpet Chris Han Edwards Middle School 1
Trumpet Andrew Clark Gold Hill MS 2
Trumpet Chad Robichaux Schofield Middle School 3
Trumpet David Carter Westview Middle School 4
Trumpet Danielle Ward Fort Mill Middle School 5
Trumpet Andre Small Blythewood Middle School 6
Trumpet Tommy Ferris Bob Jones Junior High 7
Trumpet Geran Alsbrooks Sumter Christian School 8
Trumpet Seth Paxton Northwest Middle School 9
Trumpet Chelsea Daniels Johnakin Middle School 10
Trumpet Randolph Jones Rivers Middle 11
Trumpet Bill Anonie Rollings Middle School of the Arts 12
Trumpet David White Northwest Middle School 13
Trumpet Brook Williams Riverside Middle School (S) 14
Trumpet Juan Lopez Irmo Middle School 15
Trumpet Evan Thompson Bates Middle School 16
Trumpet Buckley Fulghum Edwards Middle School A1
Trumpet Lee Armitage Edwards Middle School A2
Trumpet Robert White Northwest Middle School A3
Trumpet Tory Woodward Berkeley Middle School A4
Trumpet Lauren Dennis Lugoff-Elgin Middle School A5
Trumpet Kristen Gore Kennedy Middle School A6
Trumpet Kathryn Tamburrino Sedgefield Middle School A7
Trumpet Robbie Ponder Laing Middle School A8
French horn Rebecca James Lexington Middle School 1
French horn Jacob Adelman Camden Middle School 2
French horn David Smith Summit Parkway Middle School 3
French horn Katy Ferguson Westview Middle School 4
French horn Allison White D.R. Hill Middle School 5
French horn Jason Ward Hughes Academy 6
French horn Justine Woods Summit Parkway Middle School 7
French horn Nicole Coia Mauldin Middle School 8
French horn Josh Hughey Edwards Middle School A1
French horn Becky Calejo Drayton Hall Middle School A2
French horn Joshua Neal D.R. Hill Middle School A3
French horn Rachel Cleland Batesburg-Leesville Middle School A4
Trombone Marshal Lynn Fort Mill Middle School 1
Trombone James Temple Batesburg-Leesville Middle School 2
Trombone Bobby Goodrich Hanahan Middle School 3
Trombone Brian Holmes Moultrie Middle School 4
Trombone Michelle Carl Cario Middle School 5
Trombone David Dodgen Dutch Fork Middle School 6
Trombone Daniel Hindman Bob Jones Junior High 7
Trombone Nick Catalano Laing Middle School 8
Trombone Ashley Sayers Dawkins Middle School 9
Trombone Kyle Nelson Kennedy Middle School A1
Trombone Erin Harmon Pelion High School A2
Trombone Granger Smith Northside Middle School (G) A3
Trombone Timothy Robinson School of the Arts – Middle A4
Trombone Brandon Williamson Jackson Middle A5
Euphonium Jonathan Lumadue Bob Jones Junior High 1
Euphonium Seth Beckley Edwards Middle School 2
Euphonium Nick Lelasher E.L Wright Middle 3
Euphonium Sonya Gee Schofield Middle School 4
Euphonium Maggie Crumbo Irmo Middle School A1
Euphonium Mary Kathleen Ruddy Berkeley Middle School A2
Tuba Samantha Ingram School of the Arts – Middle 1
Tuba Josh Wardlaw Irmo Middle School 2
Tuba Levonta Green Alice Birney Middle School 3
Tuba Rick Waldrop Seneca Middle School 4
Tuba Andy Pertuset Sullivan Middle School 5
Tuba Tommy Sadowski Kennedy Middle School 6
Tuba Scott Parker Summit Parkway Middle School 7
Tuba Zack Halewood Laing Middle School 8
Tuba Jaquetta Ross Blythewood Middle School A1
Tuba Katrina Robinson Westview Middle School A2
Tuba Ryan Orland Summit Parkway Middle School A3
Tuba Andrew Barker Northwest Middle School A4
String bass Mary Reed School of the Arts – Middle 1
String Bass Elizabeth Boles Rawlinson Road MS 2
String bass Emily Floore Moultrie Middle School A1
Snare Andrew Amoth Summit Parkway Middle School 1
Snare Chad Boyles Indian Land Middle School 2
Snare Tyler Jackson Mabry Junior High 3
Snare Daniel Tompkins Crayton Middle School 4
Snare Joel Gardner Fulmer Middle School 5
Snare Brian Carmichael Great Falls High School A1
Snare Nikhil Bumb Hughes Academy A2
Snare Randall Scarborough School of the Arts A3
Mallets Chris Shealy Newberry High School 1
Mallets Joey Montoya Gregg Middle School 2
Mallets Laura Cato Gilbert Middle School A1
Timpani Brandon Arvay Summit Parkway Middle School 1
Timpani Asheton Lemay Irmo Middle School A1