2001 SC All-State Clinic Band


Bill Connell

Director of Bands at Virgil I. Grissom High School in Huntsville, Alabama.  Mr. Connell is an accomplished adjudicator and clinician for concert and marching band.   He has presented clinics, conducted honor bands and judged throughout the United States.


Clinic Band Selections

  • Solid Men to the Front
  • Elegy for a Young American
  • March to the Scaffold
  • English Dances for Band
John Philip Sousa / Frank Byrne
Ronald Lo Presti
Hector Berlioz/R. Mark Rogers
Malcolm Arnold / Maurice Johnstone 


Instrument Name School All St Chair
Flute Kelly Bailey Irmo High School 1
Flute Cassaundra Young Goose Creek High School 2
Flute Jessie Forcucci Fort Mill High School 3
Flute Jennifer Cloughly Fort Mill High School 4
Flute Jennifer Porth Lexington High School 5
Flute Jesse Revenig White Knoll High School 6
Flute Samantha Moyer Wando High School 7
Flute Margaret Files Myrtle Beach High School 8
Flute Katie Cox D.W. Daniel High School 9
Flute Christian Scott North Augusta High School 10
Flute Christina Warren Stratford High School 11
Flute Ellen Domblesky Bob Jones Academy 12
Flute Jennifer Rice Ridge View High School A1
Flute Maggie Morgan Carolina Forest High School A2
Flute Jennifer Rest Wando High School A3
Flute Jacqueline Harward Barnwell High School A4
Flute Ashley Forbes Fort Mill High School A5
Flute Danielle Latini Bob Jones Academy A6
Oboe Leigh Ann Murdaugh Chapin High School 1
Oboe Mary Borovicka Carolina Forest High School 2
Oboe Leslie McKenzie Irmo High School 3
Oboe Kelly Lambright Academic Magnet High School 4
Oboe Loring Smith Fort Mill High School A1
Oboe Charles Courtney Aiken High School A2
Bassoon Andrea Dangelewicz Spartanburg High School 1
Bassoon Delana Dameron Spring Valley High School 2
Bassoon Jonathan Wooten Wando High School 3
Bassoon Partick Herring Silver Bluff High School 4
Bassoon Erica Hall Aiken High School A1
Bassoon Emily Hendrix Fort Mill High School A2
Clarinet Keith Hernandez Chapin High School 1
Clarinet Amanda Pike Wando High School 2
Clarinet Rachel Binder West Ashley High School 3
Clarinet Jessie Roberts Spring Valley High School 4
Clarinet Caroline Ritchie White Knoll High School 5
Clarinet Andrew Pearlman Charleston School of the Arts 6
Clarinet Bryan, Katie Boiling Springs High School 7
Clarinet Ashley Bristol Stratford High School 8
Clarinet Megan Blair James F. Byrnes High School 9
Clarinet Michael Shane Richland Northeast 10
Clarinet Melissa Garcia Fort Dorchester High School 11
Clarinet Marianne Brown Lugoff-Elgin High School 12
Clarinet Jennifer Pearson Boiling Springs High School 13
Clarinet Ashley Short Great Falls High School 14
Clarinet Kellen Azzara Boiling Springs High School 15
Clarinet Mike Olsen Irmo High School 16
Clarinet Ashley Pearson Lexington High School 17
Clarinet Tracey Whittington Barnwell High School 18
Clarinet Justin Way Berkeley High School 19
Clarinet Andrew Falendysz Walhalla H. S. 20
Clarinet Sarah Nguyen Fort Mill High School 21
Clarinet Ellen Brakefield Northwestern High School 22
Clarinet Meredith Fore Lexington High School 23
Clarinet John Chest Bob Jones Academy 24
Clarinet Matthew Stone Gilbert High School A1
Clarinet Harrison Heyworth Fort Mill High School A2
Clarinet Meredith Rogers Bob Jones Academy A3
Clarinet Daniel Price Gilbert High School A4
Clarinet Rebecca Hendrix Fort Mill High School A5
Clarinet Jason Epstein James Island high School A6
Clarinet Amanda Finkle Fort Mill High School A7
Clarinet Brandon Christensen Ridge View High School A8
Bass Clarinet Jennifer Pilat Irmo High School 1
Bass Clarinet Elizabeth Chastain Stratford High School 2
Bass Clarinet Trey Worrall Silver Bluff High School 3
Bass Clarinet Beth Deaderick Lexington High School 4
Bass Clarinet Ericka Dunmyer West Ashley High School A1
Bass Clarinet Todd Gustafson Fort Mill High School A2
Contra bass clarinet Andy Shackley Irmo High School 1
Contra bass clarinet LaTarsha Maxwell West Ashley High School 2
Contra bass clarinet Greg Garrison Northwestern High School A1
Alto sax Mark Langford Dorman High School 1
Alto sax Will Compton Dorman High School 2
Alto sax Chris Reardon D.W. Daniel High School 3
Alto sax Daniel Gainey Hartsville High School 4
Alto sax Sarah Gonzalez Summerville High School 5
Alto sax Andrew Cline Northwestern High School 6
Alto sax Jovan Reid Burke High School A1
Alto sax Rafael Blackwell Lewisville High School A2
Alto sax Matthew Trew Myrtle Beach High School A3
Tenor sax Alan Butler Spring Valley High School 1
Tenor sax Laney Allen Marion High School 2
Tenor sax Luke Eppersimmons Charleston School of the Arts A1
Bari sax Kevin Cheek Summerville High School 1
Bari sax Melinda Paitience Westside High School A1
Trumpet Michael Morris Eastside High School 1
Trumpet Chase Hawkins James F. Byrnes High School 2
Trumpet Will Bryan Dutch Fork High School 3
Trumpet Keenan Harmon Spring Valley High School 4
Trumpet Sam Buelk Stratford High School 5
Trumpet Mary Berg Bob Jones Academy 6
Trumpet Katie Chauvot Wilson High School 7
Trumpet Tyler Weed Silver Bluff High School 8
Trumpet Graham Connington Riverside High School 9
Trumpet Ben Bloch James Island high School 10
Trumpet James Riley Irmo High School 11
Trumpet Dorothy Ellis James F. Byrnes High School 12
Trumpet Phillip Chisholm Irmo High School 13
Trumpet Jamie Peterson Boiling Springs High School 14
Trumpet Tabitha Anderson Cheraw High School 15
Trumpet Jamie Kirby Spartanburg High School 16
Trumpet Rochella Hayes Goose Creek High School A1
Trumpet Karen Espinoza Lugoff-Elgin High School A2
Trumpet Joey Nicodemus South Aiken High School A3
Trumpet James Hanna Ridge View High School A4
Trumpet Tina Berotti Wando High School A5
Trumpet Brett Williams Northside Christian School A6
Trumpet Matthew Stewart South Aiken High School A7
Trumpet Sara Utley Irmo High School A8
French horn Kaci Henderson James F. Byrnes High School 1
French horn Crystal Godbee Great Falls High School 2
French horn Evan Lampkin Charleston School of the Arts 3
French horn Anna Richey James F. Byrnes High School 4
French horn Haley Earle Wando High School 5
French horn Jesse Garcia Fort Dorchester High School 6
French horn Paul Clayton Irmo High School 7
French horn Ayshe Tanyel Dorman High School 8
French horn Rachel Warnock Irmo High School A1
French horn Amber Phillips James F. Byrnes High School A2
French horn Seth Morgan Wilson High School A3
French horn Rebekah Moore Dutch Fork High School A4
Trombone Katie Thigpen Wando High School 1
Trombone Luke Reed Charleston School of the Arts 2
Trombone Matt Stritch Charleston School of the Arts 3
Trombone Sarah White Myrtle Beach High School 4
Trombone Quincy Andrews Strom Thurmond High School 5
Trombone Jesse Williams Bob Jones Academy 6
Trombone John Propst West Florence High School 7
Trombone Ryan Tinker Northwestern High School 8
Trombone Will Timmons Sumter High School 9
Trombone Jacob Nunn Northwestern High School A1
Trombone Matt Hughes Wando High School A2
Trombone Wayne Sullivan James Island high School A3
Trombone Dean Zongrone Dorman High School A4
Trombone Michael Cantrell Strom Thurmond High School A5
Euphonium Stacie Millere Charleston School of the Arts 1
Euphonium Erin Caughman Gilbert High School 2
Euphonium Hunter Jackson Irmo High School 3
Euphonium Cortez Crosby James F. Byrnes High School 4
Euphonium Anna Mathewes Wando High School A1
Euphonium Doug Copper Dutch Fork High School A2
Tuba Matt Miller Saluda High School 1
Tuba Justin Clarkson Irmo High School 2
Tuba Bobby Helmer Irmo High School 3
Tuba Justin Fulkerson Lugoff-Elgin High School 4
Tuba Jamarcus Gaston Great Falls High School 5
Tuba Michael Owens Ridge View High School 6
Tuba Melvin Lawton Orangeburg-Wilkinson HS 7
Tuba Eddy Wasson Ridge View High School 8
Tuba Cori Cooper Brookland-Cayce HS A1
Tuba Drew Dupuis Charleston School of the Arts A2
Tuba Tommy Davis McCracken Junior High School A3
Tuba Drew Allen Walterboro High School A4
Snare Stephen Rutland Barnwell High School 1
Snare Xavier Breaker Bamberg-Erhardt High School 2
Snare Logan Goldstein James Island high School 3
Snare Lee Marcus West-Oak H.S. 4
Snare Brent Funderburk McCracken Junior High School 5
Snare Jonathan Harris Rock Hill High School A1
Snare Erik Sheldon Stratford High School A2
Snare Jimmy Byron Wando High School A3
Mallets Lynn Mandeltort Irmo High School 1
Mallets Thomas Gilbert Ridge View High School 2
Mallets Laura Mohrmann Northwestern High School A1
Timpani Scott Black Charleston School of the Arts 1
Timpani Aston Motes Irmo High School A1