2000 SC All-State Junior Band

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Charlotte Royall

Serves as a clinician and adjudicator in the Texas-Louisiana area, has taught in Spring, Texas for 19 years and has been Director of Bands for over 13 years.

Junior Band Selections

  • Prospect
  • Procession of the Sardar
  • Celebration of Spirituals
  • Encanto
  • Incantations
  • Norwegian Rondo
Pierre LaPlante
N. Ippolitov-Ivanov / Calvin Custer
Warren Baker
Robert Smith
Robert Smith

Junior Band Rehearsal
March 11, 2000

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Instrument Name School All St Chair
Flute Katie Cox Edwards Middle School 1
Flute Samantha Moyer Laing Middle School 2
Flute Melanie Campos College Park Middle School 3
Flute Kelly Bailey Irmo Middle School 4
Flute Margaret Files Myrtle Beach Middle School 5
Flute Christina Warren Westview Middle School 6
Flute Cassie Starkey Sumter Christian School 7
Flute Christopher Matthews Bob Jones Junior High 8
Flute Jennifer Cloughly Gold Hill Middle School 9
Flute Jessi Forcucci Fort Mill Middle School 10
Flute Maggie Stapleton Edwards Middle School 11
Flute Ashlyn Murphy Chapin Middle School 12
Flute Jennifer Rest Moultrie Middle School A1
Flute Emily Snyder Cario Middle School A2
Flute Melissa Vause Westview Middle School A3
Flute Amanda Nichols Bob Jones Junior High A4
Flute Toni Beach Summit Parkway Middle School A5
Flute Kelly Johnson College Park Middle School A6
Oboe Allison Whittle Summit Parkway Middle School 1
Oboe Katie Mercer Jackson Middle School 2
Oboe Casey Washington Chapin Middle School 3
Oboe Melissa Allen Bob Jones Junior High 4
Oboe Lindy McQuinn Kennedy Middle School A1
Oboe Kristina Kirk School of the Arts Middle A2
Bassoon Patrick Herring Jackson Middle School 1
Bassoon Monica Morgan Hughes Academy 2
Bassoon Sutton Epps Gold Hill Middle School 3
Bassoon Zach West Kennedy Middle School 4
Bassoon Katie Champman Sullivan Middle School A1
Bassoon Aisha Jackson Drayton Hall M.S. A2
Clarinet Natalie Parker Bob Jones Junior High 1
Clarinet Nicole Morton Westminster Middle 2
Clarinet Rebecca Hendrix Gold Hill Middle School 3
Clarinet Philip Lipton School of the Arts Middle 4
Clarinet Zach Chillag E.L. Wright Middle School 5
Clarinet Ashleigh Derrick Chapin Middle School 6
Clarinet Anna Ostendorff Fort Mill Middle School 7
Clarinet Kim Zayas Riverside Middle School 8
Clarinet Amanda Finkle Gold Hill Middle School 9
Clarinet Jessica Black Westview Middle School 10
Clarinet Robynn Meckechnie D. R. Hill Middle School 11
Clarinet Summer Jackson Paul Knox Middle School 12
Clarinet Allison Matthews Blythewood Middle School 13
Clarinet Stacey Zaniewski Bryson Middle School 14
Clarinet Hillary Snow D. R. Hill Middle School 15
Clarinet Jason Epstein School of the Arts Middle 16
Clarinet Brandon Christensen Blythewood Middle School 17
Clarinet Amanda Kolanczyk Gold Hill Middle School 18
Clarinet Rachel Greenberg E.L. Wright Middle School 19
Clarinet Cindy Bustamante Sedgefield Middle School 20
Clarinet Dana Starr Sedgefield Middle School 21
Clarinet Ellen Breadfield St Anne School 22
Clarinet Kristina Meanley Westview Middle School 23
Clarinet Ashleigh Millard Bob Jones Junior High 24
Clarinet Tyeshia Folk William J. Clark Middle School A1
Clarinet DeMiracle Washington Irmo Middle School A2
Clarinet Amanda Kesler Chapin Middle School A3
Clarinet Mandy Montoya Westview Middle School A4
Clarinet Patrice Drayton Blythewood Middle School A5
Clarinet Hannah Sane Northwest Middle School A6
Clarinet Rose Ann Derrick Gilbert Middle School A7
Clarinet Shannon Dixon Beck Middle School A8
Bass Clarinet Erica Dunmeyer Drayton Hall M.S. 1
Bass Clarinet Hannah Nates Drayton Hall M.S. 2
Bass Clarinet Chelsea Sirigos Moultrie Middle School 3
Bass Clarinet Christopher Jones College Park Middle School 4
Bass Clarinet Trey Worrall Jackson Middle School A1
Bass Clarinet Todd Gustafson Gold Hill Middle School A2
Contra bass clarinet Nthenya Ndunda Drayton Hall M.S. 1
Contra bass clarinet Mandy Straub Gold Hill Middle School 2
Contra bass clarinet Monica Grant Paul Knox Middle School A1
Alto sax Will Compton Fairforest Middle School 1
Alto sax Mark Langford Dawkins Middle 2
Alto Sax Andrew Cline Rawlinson Road Middle School 3
Alto sax Jovan Reid Rivers Middle School 4
Alto sax Ryan Bullerdick Sevier Middle School 5
Alto sax Chris Reardon Edwards Middle School 6
Alto sax Matthew Trew Myrtle Beach Middle School A1
Alto sax Andrew Saleeby Irmo Middle School A2
Alto sax Shannon Lee College Park Middle School A3
Tenor sax Jan Espino Irmo Middle School 1
Tenor sax Taryn Kimel School of the Arts Middle 2
Tenor Sax Alan Butler Summit Parkway Middle School A1
Bari sax Logan Miles Laing Middle School 1
Bari sax Michael Meuli Moultrie Middle School A1
Trumpet Jamie Peterson Boiling Springs Jr. High 1
Trumpet Geran Alsbrooks Sumter Christian School 2
Trumpet Mason Mumford Edwards Middle School 3
Trumpet Ashley Morse Lugoff-Elgin Middle School 4
Trumpet Ben Bloch James Island Middle School 5
Trumpet Sara King Great Falls High School 6
Trumpet Chris Han Edwards Middle School 7
Trumpet Taylor Byrd McCracken Junior High School 8
Trumpet Matthew Crotts School of the Arts Middle 9
Trumpet Sara Utley Irmo Middle School 10
Trumpet Madison Lucas Great Falls High School 11
Trumpet David Wynn Hughes Academy 12
Trumpet Michael Reem Bob Jones Junior High 13
Trumpet Jennifer Welborn Palmetto Middle School 14
Trumpet Robin Nichols Gilbert Middle School 15
Trumpet Tommy Ferris Bob Jones Junior High 16
Trumpet Jackson Mizzell Belton-Honea Path High School A1
Trumpet Brook Williams Riverside Middle School A2
Trumpet Emily Hardeman Drayton Hall M.S. A3
Trumpet Chris Bryant Gettys Middle School A4
Trumpet Matthew Smith Camden Middle School A5
Trumpet Jessenia Felix Northside Middle School A7
Trumpet Kevin Ludwick Pelion High School A6
Trumpet Benedict Voit Moultrie Middle School A8
French horn Crystal Godbee Great Falls High School 1
French horn Rebecca James Lexington Middle School 2
French horn Benjamin Fine School of the Arts Middle 3
French horn Paul Clayton Irmo Middle School 4
French horn Dylan Trettin Moultrie Middle School 5
French horn Evan Thompson Bates Middle School 6
French horn Christi Kibler Gold Hill Middle School 7
French horn Blake Allen Langley-Bath-Clearwater Middle 8
French horn Allison White D. R. Hill Middle School A1
French horn Megan Poitevint Belton-Honea Path High School A2
French horn Nathan Holycross McCracken Junior High School A3
French horn Joshua Neal Beech Springs Intermediate School A4
Trombone Luke Reed School of the Arts Middle 1
Trombone Ryan Thrower Sedgefield Middle School 2
Trombone John Overcash Camden Middle School 3
Trombone Ryan Tinker Rawlinson Road Middle School 4
Trombone Dean Zongrone Dawkins Middle 5
Trombone Walter Miller Moultrie Middle School 6
Trombone Jenny Wrobel Myrtle Beach Middle School 7
Trombone Brence Pernell Blackville-Hilda High School 8
Trombone Micheal Cantrell Johnston-Edgefield-Trenton Middle 9
Trombone Matthew Watts Lugoff-Elgin Middle School A1
Trombone John Hooks E.L. Wright Middle School A2
Trombone Brian Holmes Moultrie Middle School A3
Trombone Emma Humbard Sedgefield Middle School A4
Trombone John Hosford Irmo Middle School A5
Euphonium Anna Mathewes Laing Middle School 1
Euphonium Ashleigh Bailey Fairforest Middle School 2
Euphonium Tim Paterniti Sedgefield Middle School 3
Euphonium Michelle Vukovich Rawlinson Road Middle School 4
Euphonium Jenny Clifford Kennedy Middle School A1
Euphonium Desmond Williams Johnakin Middle School A2
Tuba Brandon Andrews Johnston-Edgefield-Trenton Middle 1
Tuba Samantha Ingram Moultrie Middle School 2
Tuba Joey Boyer Rawlinson Road Middle School 3
Tuba Cori Cooper Busbee Middle School 4
Tuba Caleb Bonecutter Alice Drive Middle School 5
Tuba Bobby Helmer Irmo Middle School 6
Tuba Josh Wardlaw Irmo Middle School 7
Tuba Tommy Davis McCracken Junior High School 8
Tuba Adam Cupples Heathwood Hall School A1
Tuba Archie Brousseau Gold Hill Middle School A2
Tuba Matt Obester Gold Hill Middle School A3
Tuba Mike Kucharski Kennedy Middle School A4
String bass Spencer Childress Hand Middle School 1
String bass Jay Sanford Rawlinson Road Middle School 2
Snare Stephen Rutland Guinyard-Butler Middle School 1
Snare Will Case Hand Middle School 2
Snare Will Herring Irmo Middle School 3
Snare Lee Marcus Westminster Middle 4
Snare Andrew Amoth Summit Parkway Middle School 5
Snare Mitch Martin Gilbert Middle School A1
Snare Shannon Tarlton Jackson Middle School A2
Snare Erik Sheldon College Park Middle School A3
Mallets Kelly Wright Riverside Middle School 1
Mallets Elaine Inigo College Park Middle School 2
Mallets Nicholas Flanagan Mauldin Middle School A1
Timpani Will Gowan Dawkins Middle 1
Timpani Warren Rich Schofield Middle School A1