2000 SC All-State Clinic Band

Clinic046 Conductor


Timothy A. Paul

Active guest conductor, adjudicator, and clinician throughout the southeastern United States, Director of Bands at Leon High School in Tallahassee, Florida, and co-conductor of the Tallahassee Symphony Youth Orchestra.

Clinic Band Selections

  • The Padstow Lifeboat
  • Irish Tune from County Derry and Shepherd’s Hey
  • Colours
          3. Blue Sapphire
          6. Burgundy Red
  • Be Thou My Vision
  • La Fortza del Destino Overture
  • Vesuvius
Malcolm Arnold / Woodfield
Percy Grainger
Roger Cichy
Giuseppe Verdi / Frank Cesarini
Frank Ticheli

Clinic Band Rehearsal
March 11, 2000

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All St Chair

Flute Jesse Revenig White Knoll Middle School 1
Flute Angie Ciuca Lexington High School 2
Flute Jennifer Porth Lexington Middle School 3
Flute Katie Ipock Waccamaw High School 4
Flute Christina Oleksiuk Hilton Head High School 5
Flute Leslie Ann Rayner Spring Valley High School 6
Flute Jessica Hicks Lexington High School 7
Flute Ellen Domblesky Bob Jones Academy 8
Flute Cassaundra Young Goose Creek High School 9
Flute Beth Carson Bob Jones Academy 10
Flute Bryn Salter DW Daniel HS 11
Flute Elizabeth Wilson Wando High School 12
Flute Megan Wright Myrtle Beach High School A1
Flute Pamela Jones West Florence High School A2
Flute Rebecca Puetz North Augusta High School A3
Flute Laura Weathers Bob Jones Academy A5
Flute Jennifer Rice Ridge View High School A4
Flute Haley Campbell Charleston School of the Arts A6
Oboe Jeffery Stephenson Irmo High School 1
Oboe Joy Ward South Aiken High School 2
Oboe Stephanie Keast Fort Mill High School 3
Oboe Kimberly Collins Boiling Springs High School 4
Oboe Laurel Curry Wando High School A1
Oboe Meridith Hite Abbeville High School A2
Bassoon Shrieka Gilliard Charleston School of the Arts 1
Bassoon Emily Hendrix Fort Mill High School 2
Bassoon Kristen Staples Ridge View High School 3
Bassoon Jonathan Wooten Wando High School 4
Bassoon Sarah Gowan Lexington High School A1
Bassoon Emily Whitecotton Dutch Fork High School A2
Clarinet Christian Engley Boiling Springs High School 1
Clarinet Keith Hernandez Chapin High School 2
Clarinet Mary Lee Cawthon Lexington High School 3
Clarinet Meredith Rogers Bob Jones Academy 4
Clarinet Michael Olson Irmo High School 5
Clarinet Megan Anderson Irmo High School 6
Clarinet Angela Salter Bob Jones Academy 7
Clarinet Rachel Binder Middleton High School 8
Clarinet Will Jeter Wando High School 9
Clarinet Micah Boon Ridge View High School 10
Clarinet Joseph Ferguson Wando High School 11
Clarinet Jennifer Pearson Boiling Springs High School 12
Clarinet Elizabeth Parham Dorman High School 13
Clarinet Jeffery Peeler Irmo High School 14
Clarinet Summer Joy Dutch Fork High School 15
Clarinet Tia Vice Berkeley High School 16
Clarinet Meredith Fore Lexington Middle School 17
Clarinet Sarah Nguyen Fort Mill High School 18
Clarinet Katie Bott Northwestern High School 19
Clarinet Jessie Roberts Spring Valley High School 20
Clarinet Michael Shane Richland Northeast High School 21
Clarinet Melanie Howell Easley High 22
Clarinet Emily Hutchinson Mid Carolina High School 23
Clarinet Tracey Whittington Barnwell High School 24
Clarinet Denise Glover Midland Valley High School A1
Clarinet Amanda Pike Wando High School A2
Clarinet Kelly Salter DW Daniel HS A3
Clarinet Kristen Rossman Fort Mill High School A4
Clarinet Allison Short Dutch Fork High School A5
Clarinet Heather Blanton McCracken Junior High School A6
Clarinet Diana Dailey Waccamaw High School A7
Clarinet John Chest Bob Jones Academy A8
Bass Clarinet Jeffery Kimmel J.L. Mann Academy High School 1
Bass Clarinet Crystal Chapman Fort Dorchester High School 2
Bass Clarinet Beth Deaderick Lexington Middle School 3
Bass Clarinet Jeanette McFadden Lake City High School 4
Bass Clarinet Sarah Limoges Brooklyn-Cayce High School A1
Bass Clarinet Michelle Mitchell Goose Creek High School A2
Contra bass clarinet Christine Johnson Lakewood High School 1
Contra bass clarinet Adrienne Haselden Hartsville High School 2
Contra bass clarinet Alex Pierce Fort Mill High School A1
Alto sax Bobby Young Goose Creek High School 1
Alto sax Steven Dragun Chapin High School 2
Alto sax James McCutchen Middleton High School 3
Alto sax Chris Barnes Waccamaw High School 4
Alto sax Tim E. Hinton Orangeburg-Wilkinson High School 5
Alto Sax Larry Sumpter Keenan High School 6
Alto sax Patrick Steiner Irmo High School A1
Alto sax Jackie Leger Dorman High School A2
Alto sax Sarah Gonzales Summerville High School A3
Tenor sax Jonathan Walker Ninety Six High School 1
Tenor sax Wendy Moore Johnsonville High School 2
Tenor sax Jeff Porter Walhalla High School A1
Bari sax Michael Griffith Walhalla High School 1
Bari sax Eleni Katsanevakis Wando High School A1
Trumpet Thomas Cotter Irmo High School 1
Trumpet Chase Hawkins James F. Byrnes 2
Trumpet Corbin Crittenden Lexington High School 3
Trumpet Will Bryan Dutch Fork High School 4
Trumpet Cole Davis West Florence High School 5
Trumpet Tim Kucharski South Aiken High School 6
Trumpet Graham Connington Riverside High School 7
Trumpet James Riley Irmo High School 8
Trumpet Tim Pape Charleston School of the Arts 9
Trumpet Dorothy Ellis James F. Byrnes 10
Trumpet Sarah Sonnett Wando High School 11
Trumpet Chris Coia Riverside High School 12
Trumpet Tom Padgett Walterboro High 13
Trumpet Gary Burdick Irmo High School 14
Trumpet Alan Davis Lexington High School 15
Trumpet Logan Young Georgetown High School 16
Trumpet Brett Wilson Northside Christian School A1
Trumpet Karen Espinoza Lugoff-Elgin High School A2
Trumpet Todd Harper James F. Byrnes A3
Trumpet Rochella Hayes Goose Creek High School A4
Trumpet Marc Thompson Bob Jones Academy A5
Trumpet Jonathan White James F. Byrnes A6
Trumpet Arthur Kunkle Socastee High School A7
Trumpet Tyler Weed Silver Bluff High School A8
French horn Rebecca Garr Academic Magnet High School 1
French horn Beth Murff Boiling Springs High School 2
French horn Brandon Dyches Dutch Fork High School 3
French horn David Rest Wando High School 4
French horn Seth Morgan Wilson High School 5
French horn Anna Richey James F. Byrnes 6
French horn Kaci Henderson James F. Byrnes 7
French horn Alicia McIntyre James F. Byrnes 8
French horn Lacy Brown Boiling Springs High School A1
French horn Jenny Sparling Midland Valley High School A2
French horn Sara McCormack Barnwell High School A3
French horn Rebekah Moore Dutch Fork High School A4
Trombone Scott Harrison Mauldin High School 1
Trombone Chris L. Smith Chapman High School 2
Trombone Brandon Palamino Airport High School 3
Trombone Julie Selby Northwestern High School 4
Trombone Brian Bohannon Fort Dorchester High School 5
Trombone Katie Thigpen Wando High School 6
Trombone Jeremy Byrd Ridge View High School 7
Trombone Clara Sanders Clinton High School 8
Trombone Sarah White Myrtle Beach High School 9
Trombone Paul Matzko Bob Jones Academy A1
Trombone Matt Stritch Charleston School of the Arts A2
Trombone Amanda Shafer Waccamaw High School A3
Trombone Megan Lee Hilton Head High School A4
Trombone Kayse Bagwell Newberry High School A5
Euphonium Emily Jones Wando High School 1
Euphonium Sam LoBue Fort Mill High School 2
Euphonium Erin Caughman Gilbert High School 3
Euphonium Pat McQuinn South Aiken High School 4
Euphonium Macon McClease Richland Northeast High School A1
Euphonium Tim Collins Charleston School of the Arts A2
Tuba Cagney Burnette Wren High School 1
Tuba Sammie Holmes Goose Creek High School 2
Tuba Matt Miller Saluda High School 3
Tuba Roger Keane Dreher High School 4
Tuba Drew Dupuis Charleston School of the Arts 5
Tuba Drew Morrison Strom Thurmond high school 6
Tuba Drew Howes Wando High School 7
Tuba Sarah Kizer Boiling Springs High School 8
Tuba Jessica Risher Charleston School of the Arts A1
Tuba Marcus McKoy Wilson High School A2
Tuba Justin Clarkston Irmo High School A3
Tuba Jamarcus Gaston Great Falls High School A4
String bass Matthew Waid Spartanburg High School 1
String bass Tom Kay Carver Junior High School 2
Snare Mark Coyne Sumter High School 1
Snare Adam Brown West Florence High School 2
Snare Adam Burgess Woodmont High School 3
Snare Alan Walters Dutch Fork High School 4
Snare Robert Blair Fort Mill High School 5
Snare Logan Goldstein James Island High School A1
Snare Colin Brown Irmo High School A2
Snare Stephen Evans East Clarendon High School A3
Mallets Brandie Lane Spring Valley High School 1
Mallets Brad Myers Irmo High School 2
Mallets Erin Haggerty Charleston School of the Arts A1
Timpani Scott Black Charleston School of the Arts 1
Timpani Demetrius Townsend Marion High School A1