2000 Region Four Clinic Band

Instrument Name School Region Chair
Flute Melanie Browning Walterboro High 1
Flute Sarah Horick Fort Dorchester High School 2
Flute Meg Mittelstadt Wando High School 3
Flute Haley Campbell Charleston School of the Arts 4
Flute Jacqueline Harward Barnwell High School 5
Flute Jessica Peraulta Middleton High School 6
Flute Alexandra McCarthy Charleston School of the Arts 7
Flute Rachel Jones Edisto High School 8
Flute Joseph Kimbrell Wando High School 9
Flute Stephanie DeBerry Summerville High School 10
Flute Elizabeth Johnson Middleton High School 11
Flute Beth Steedley Walterboro High 12
Flute Maggie O’Rourke Wando High School A1
Flute Meredith Smith Wando High School A2
Flute Jesse Hagy Wando High School A3
Flute Henrietta Gidron Edisto High School A4
Flute Brenna Burkett Walterboro High A5
Flute Lydia Sisson Charleston School of the Arts A6
Oboe Laurel Curry Wando High School 1
Oboe Sarah Miles Wando High School 2
Oboe Laura Finley Fort Dorchester High School 3
Oboe Kelly Lambright Academic Magnet High School 4
Oboe Laura Watkins Barnwell High School A1
Oboe Dynishia Woodley Barnwell High School A2
Bassoon Elizabeth Gordon Summerville High School 1
Bassoon Ashley Blackwell Summerville High School 2
Bassoon Suzanne Jumper Battery Creek High School 3
Bassoon Adrienne Kinard Barnwell High School 4
Clarinet Andrew Pearlman Charleston School of the Arts 1
Clarinet Rosalee McCloud Burke High School 2
Clarinet Sarah Helwig Summerville High School 3
Clarinet Amanda Pike Wando High School 4
Clarinet Sarah Ehinger Middleton High School 5
Clarinet Lauren Sutphin Summerville High School 6
Clarinet Melissa Garcia Fort Dorchester High School 7
Clarinet Robby Bryant James Island High School 8
Clarinet Courtney Adel Summerville High School 9
Clarinet Lindsay Pearson Middleton High School 10
Clarinet Cary Purcell Wando High School 11
Clarinet Amanda Jenkins Middleton High School 12
Clarinet Anne Sullivan Wando High School 13
Clarinet Maria Bravo Allendale-Fairfax High School 14
Clarinet Stephanie Blanton Northside Christian School 15
Clarinet Michael Gregory Wando High School 16
Clarinet Cara Bagley Middleton High School 17
Clarinet Amanda Davis Walterboro High 18
Clarinet Katrina West Battery Creek High School 19
Clarinet April Hancock Edisto High School 20
Clarinet Bradley Diedrick Summerville High School 21
Clarinet Corrie Austin Charleston School of the Arts 22
Clarinet Leah Martin Middleton High School 23
Clarinet Katrina Owens Charleston School of the Arts 24
Clarinet Candace Mack Edisto High School A1
Clarinet Susan Payne Middleton High School A2
Clarinet Jenna Burkett Walterboro High A3
Clarinet Cherrie Rice Beaufort High School A4
Clarinet Tasj-Nicole-Yabut Beaufort High School A5
Clarinet Lauren Smalls Charleston School of the Arts A6
Clarinet Kristin Bostwick Beaufort High School A7
Clarinet Alisa Huggins Walterboro High A8
Bass Clarinet Amanda Hafeychuck Hilton Head High School 1
Bass Clarinet Alexis Simonetta Summerville High School 2
Bass Clarinet Stephanie Odom Middleton High School 3
Bass Clarinet David Altman Middleton High School 4
Bass Clarinet Jeff Hulbert Battery Creek High School A1
Bass Clarinet Kim Smalls Walterboro High A2
Contra bass clarinet Latarsha Maxwell Middleton High School 1
Contra bass clarinet Laura Gaetano Middleton High School 2
Alto sax Crystal Carlile Summerville High School 1
Alto sax Sarah Gonzales Summerville High School 2
Alto sax Chriss Odom Orangeburg-Wilkinson High School 3
Alto sax Ryan Jordan Walterboro High 4
Alto sax Tamerlyn Greene Charleston School of the Arts 5
Alto sax Brittany Burkett Walterboro High 6
Alto sax Lauren Cook Wade Hampton High School A1
Alto sax Leigh Underhill Hilton Head High School A2
Alto sax Ryan Muller Fort Dorchester High School A3
Tenor sax Luke Eppersimmons Charleston School of the Arts 1
Tenor sax Jamerson Magwood Fort Dorchester High School 2
Tenor sax Joseph Bruno Battery Creek High School A1
Bari sax Eleni Katsanevakis Wando High School 1
Bari sax Sawyer Nix Wade Hampton High School A1
Trumpet Shavina Grant Burke High School 1
Trumpet Evans McTeer Wade Hampton High School 2
Trumpet Joshua Timm Summerville High School 3
Trumpet Thomas Holmes Wando High School 4
Trumpet Tina Berotti Wando High School 5
Trumpet Logan Jager James Island High School 6
Trumpet Brett Wilson Northside Christian School 7
Trumpet Stephanie Griffith Fort Dorchester High School 8
Trumpet Anselm Dyer Summerville High School 9
Trumpet Ross Kastner Middleton High School 10
Trumpet David Stasiukaitis Summerville High School 11
Trumpet Miles Warren Wade Hampton High School 12
Trumpet Justin McDonald Walterboro High 13
Trumpet Jeff Yandle Middleton High School 14
Trumpet James Dantzler Edisto High School 15
Trumpet Jim Pinckney Walterboro High 16
Trumpet Christhopher Phillips Orangeburg-Wilkinson High School A1
Trumpet Wryan Sarjeant Orangeburg-Wilkinson High School A2
Trumpet Steven Small Orangeburg-Wilkinson High School A3
Trumpet Katie Ballenger Wando High School A4
Trumpet Tessa Rattenbury Northside Christian School A5
Trumpet James Boatwright Summerville High School A6
Trumpet Josh Garlinger Edisto High School A7
Trumpet Jaime Knauf Summerville High School A8
French horn Sara McCormack Barnwell High School 1
French horn Taylor Silver Charleston School of the Arts 2
French horn Jesse Garcia Fort Dorchester High School 3
French horn Haley Earle Wando High School 4
French horn Adrienne Mack Middleton High School 5
French horn Evan Lampkin Charleston School of the Arts 6
French horn Josh Taylor Fort Dorchester High School 7
French horn Davis Marret Wando High School 8
French horn Leah Keyes James Island High School A1
French horn Downs Hamilton Walterboro High A2
French horn Jason Ray Middleton High School A3
French horn Marnique Riley Burke High School A4
Trombone Matt Stritch Charleston School of the Arts 1
Trombone Megan Lee Hilton Head High School 2
Trombone Zora Johnson Charleston School of the Arts 3
Trombone Crystal Dodson Barnwell High School 4
Trombone James Patterson Edisto High School 5
Trombone Corin Bomar Middleton High School 6
Trombone David Durrette Fort Dorchester High School 7
Trombone Matt Smith Summerville High School 8
Trombone Tap Pennekamp Middleton High School 9
Trombone Joey Winter Walterboro High A1
Trombone Kendrea Hodges Battery Creek High School A2
Trombone Marcus Livingston Edisto High School A3
Trombone Brandon Marsh Walterboro High A4
Trombone Radee Wilkes Orangeburg-Wilkinson High School A5
Euphonium Tim Collins Charleston School of the Arts 1
Euphonium Matt Ferris Walterboro High 2
Euphonium James Lloyd Summerville High School 3
Euphonium Morris Green Walterboro High 4
Euphonium Benji Heape Walterboro High A1
Euphonium Brenda Jackson Walterboro High A2
Tuba William K. Brown Beaufort High School 1
Tuba Brandon Lutes Summerville High School 2
Tuba Jessica Risher Charleston School of the Arts 3
Tuba Donnell Butler Burke High School 4
Tuba Melvin Lawton Orangeburg-Wilkinson High School 5
Tuba Lindsey Russell Burke High School 6
Tuba Drew Stallard R.B. Stall High School 7
Tuba Shalene Simmons Middleton High School 8
Tuba Drew Allen Walterboro High A1
Tuba Craig Baker Hilton Head High School A2
Tuba Keith Whitman Edisto High School A3
Tuba Emily Gibson Barnwell High School A4
Snare Russell Bryant Wando High School 1
Snare Karri Helton Summerville High School 2
Snare Logan Goldstein James Island High School 3
Snare Clyde Frazier Edisto High School 4
Snare David Patterson Middleton High School 5
Snare Andrew Whalley Middleton High School A1
Snare Kellett Arnold Summerville High School A2
Snare Maggie Windham Summerville High School A3
Mallets Beth Kuebic Walterboro High 1
Mallets Erin Haggerty Charleston School of the Arts 2
Mallets Felicia Meyers Edisto High School A1
Timpani Brad Wise Summerville High School 1
Timpani Nathan Breland Walterboro High A1