1999 SC All-State Junior Band

Ed Davis - Conductor Conductor


Ed Davis

Director of Bands at Austin Road Middle School in Henry County Georgia.

Junior Band Selections

  • Heroic Fanfare
  • Second American Folk Rhapsody
  • Deir’ in De
  • Rio Bravo 
  • A Tribute to Rodgers and Hammerstein
Mike Story
Claire Grundman
arr. Warren Barker
John Edmondson 
Calvin Custer

South Carolina All-State Junior Band Concert
March 14, 1999
1999 All-State Junior Band 1999 All-State Junior Band
1999 All-State Junior Band 1999 All-State Junior Band

Junior Band Rehearsal
Rehearsal, March 13, 1999

Ed Davis - Conductor Junior Band Rehearsal
Junior Band Rehearsal Junior Band Rehearsal

Instrument Name School All St Chair
Flute Katelyn Love Spartanburg Day School 1
Flute Caussandra Young Sedgefield Mid 2
Flute Alice You Irmo Middle School 3
Flute Danielle Latini Bob Jones Junior High School 4
Flute Jennifer Porth Lexington Middle 5
Flute Natalie Keith Manning Mid 6
Flute Elizabeth Johnson Drayton Hall Middle School 7
Flute Jesse Revenig White Knoll Middle 8
Flute Jennifer Cloughly Gold Hill 9
Flute Kristie Gaspi Sedgefield Mid 10
Flute Jenny Rest Moultrie Middle School 11
Flute Elizabeth Wilson Moultrie Middle School 12
Flute Ashley Forbes Gold Hill A1
Flute Christopher Matthew Bob Jones Junior High School A2
Flute Lacey McDaniel Blacksburg Middle A3
Flute Ann Orara Sedgefield Mid A4
Flute Alyssa Wolfe LE Gable Middle School A5
Flute Amanda Nichols Bob Jones Junior High School A6
Oboe Leigh Ann Murdaugh Chapin Middle 1
Oboe Marissa Pridgen Jackson Middle 2
Oboe Melissa Allen Hughes Academy 3
Oboe Brittany Johnson Drayton Hall Middle School 4
Oboe Ronni Phillips Sedgefield Mid A1
Oboe Lauren Miller Rawlinson Road A2
Bassoon Brittany Goff DR Hill Middle School 1
Bassoon Tiffany Jackson Schofield Middle School 2
Bassoon Heather Crowder DR Hill Middle School 3
Bassoon Andrea Dangelewicz McCracken Junior High School 4
Bassoon Patrick Herring Jackson Middle A1
Bassoon Katie McNeill New Ellenton Middle A2
Clarinet Jessie Roberts EL Wright 1
Clarinet Rachel Binder Drayton Hall Middle School 2
Clarinet Johanna Serrano Sedgefield Mid 3
Clarinet Michael Shane EL Wright 4
Clarinet Sarah Nguyen Gold Hill 5
Clarinet Tracey Whittington Guinyard-Butler Middle School 6
Clarinet Meredith Rogers Bob Jones Junior High School 7
Clarinet Bradley Diedrick Gregg Middle School 8
Clarinet Keith Hernandez Chapin Middle 9
Clarinet Michael Olsen Irmo Middle School 10
Clarinet Meredith Fore Lexington Middle 11
Clarinet Amanda Jenkins Drayton Hall Middle School 12
Clarinet Ashley Short Great Falls 13
Clarinet Jennifer D. Pearson Boiling Springs Junior High 14
Clarinet Megan Blair DR Hill Middle School 15
Clarinet John Chest Bob Jones Junior High School 16
Clarinet Tina Rose Sedgefield Mid 17
Clarinet Caitlin Daley Rawlinson Road 18
Clarinet Sharieka Mood Sedgefield Mid 19
Clarinet Natalie Parker Bob Jones Junior High School 20
Clarinet Tammy Kim Dent 21
Clarinet Corrie Austin School of the Arts 22
Clarinet Caroline Ritchie White Knoll Middle 23
Clarinet Shakarian Hutchinson Sedgefield Mid 24
Clarinet Michelle Maxey Bates Mid A1
Clarinet Daniel Price Gilbert Middle A2
Clarinet Mandy Venters Myrtle Beach Mid A3
Clarinet Ashley Pearson Lexington Middle A4
Clarinet Jennifer Jones League Academy A5
Clarinet Ellen Breakfield St Anne A6
Clarinet Adrianne Sills Summit Parkway A7
Clarinet Marianne Brown Lugoff Elgin Middle A8
Bass Clarinet Beth Deaderick Lexington Middle 1
Bass Clarinet Michael Spitler Moultrie Middle School 2
Bass Clarinet George Cloud Jackson Middle 3
Bass Clarinet Jennifer Pilat Irmo Middle School 4
Bass Clarinet Tatianna Hunt Northwest Middle School A1
Bass Clarinet Elizabeth Chastain Westview Mid A2
Contra bass clarinet Robby Bryant Ft. Johnson Middle School 1
Contra bass clarinet Latarsha Maxwell Drayton Hall Middle School 2
Contra bass clarinet Greg Harrison Rawlinson Road A1
Alto sax William Compton Fairforest Middle School 1
Alto sax Chris Caulder Chesterfield 2
Alto sax Eric Gaffney Fairforest Middle School 3
Alto sax Jessica Lee EL Wright 4
Alto sax Treg Ogborn Fort Mill Middle 5
Alto sax Charles McAndrews Chapin Middle 6
Alto sax Andrew Saleeby Irmo Middle School A1
Alto sax Scott Justice Fort Mill Middle A2
Alto sax Stanton Bost Irmo Middle School A3
Tenor sax Joshua Tanner Oakbrook Middle School 1
Tenor sax Lucas Eppersimmons Laing Middle School 2
Tenor sax Chris Gaskins Ron McNair Jr A1
Bari sax Kevin Cheek Gregg Middle School 1
Bari sax Laura Nicholson Irmo Middle School A1
Trumpet Karen Espinoza Lugoff Elgin Middle 1
Trumpet Will Bryan Dutch Fork Middle 2
Trumpet Chase Hawkins DR Hill Middle School 3
Trumpet Tim Pape School of the Arts 4
Trumpet Todd Harper DR Hill Middle School 5
Trumpet Abbe Carr DR Hill Middle School 6
Trumpet Dorothy Ellis DR Hill Middle School 7
Trumpet Keenan Harmon EL Wright 8
Trumpet James Riley Irmo Middle School 9
Trumpet Brett Williams Northside Christian School 10
Trumpet Jeffrey Yandle Drayton Hall Middle School 11
Trumpet Michael Morris Greenville Middle School 12
Trumpet Tom Padgett Walterboro Jr. 13
Trumpet Mary Berg Bob Jones Junior High School 14
Trumpet Keagan Moore Sedgefield Mid 15
Trumpet Edward Struble Ft. Johnson Middle School 16
Trumpet DeAnne Smith Chesterfield A1
Trumpet Chris Bates DR Hill Middle School A2
Trumpet Mike Riano Clover Junior A3
Trumpet Tyler Weed Jackson Middle A4
Trumpet Heather Wyss DR Hill Middle School A5
Trumpet Carrie Richardson Fort Mill Middle A6
Trumpet Michael Callen Indian Land Middle A7
Trumpet Michelle Brown Rawlinson Road A8
French horn Kaci Henderson DR Hill Middle School 1
French horn Anna Richey DR Hill Middle School 2
French horn Evan Lampkin School of the Arts 3
French horn Emily Willis LBC Middle 4
French horn Ayshe Tanyel Dawkins Middle School 5
French horn Rebekah Moore Dutch Fork Middle 6
French horn Dylan Trettin Moultrie Middle School 7
French horn Jessica Garcia Oakbrook Middle School 8
French horn Hannah Polk Lexington Middle A1
French horn Jennifer Shuman RC Edwards Middle School A2
French horn Phillop Morgan Williams Mid A3
French horn Rachel Warnock Irmo Middle School A4
Trombone Luke Reed School of the Arts 1
Trombone Andrew Stoeber Bob Jones Junior High School 2
Trombone Kevin Brown Irmo Middle School 3
Trombone Katie Thigpin Moultrie Middle School 4
Trombone Paul Matzko Bob Jones Junior High School 5
Trombone Matthew Weathers Bob Jones Junior High School 6
Trombone James Patterson Carver-Edisto Middle School 7
Trombone Nathan McKelvey RC Edwards Middle School 8
Trombone Brence Pernell Blackville-Hilda High School 9
Trombone Lauren Hartzler Waccamaw A1
Trombone Nick Roush Hanahan Mid A2
Trombone Matthew Stritch School of the Arts A3
Trombone Justin Medlin Powdersville Middle A4
Trombone Stephen Waldon Lugoff Elgin Middle A5
Euphonium Anna Matthews Laing Middle School 1
Euphonium Doug Cooper Dutch Fork Middle 2
Euphonium Erin Caughman Gilbert Middle 3
Euphonium Hunter Jackson Irmo Middle School 4
Euphonium Joshua Jantz Bob Jones Junior High School A1
Euphonium Cortez Crosby DR Hill Middle School A2
Tuba Justin Clarkson Irmo Middle School 1
Tuba Jamarcus Gaston Rawlinson Road 2
Tuba Matt Ward Newberry Middle 3
Tuba Micrin Copeland Hartsville Jr 4
Tuba Andrew DuPuis School of the Arts 5
Tuba Matt Miller Riverside (Sal) Middle 6
Tuba Matthew Dill Bob Jones Junior High School 7
Tuba Jessica Risher C.E. Williams Middle School 8
Tuba John Berrain Lexington Middle A1
Tuba Mark Strickland DR Hill Middle School A2
Tuba Michael Owen Summit Parkway A3
Tuba Keith Whitman Carver-Edisto Middle School A4
String bass David Messinger Moultrie Middle School 1
Snare Adam Burgess Woodmont Middle School 1
Snare Jay Free Boiling Springs Junior High 2
Snare Joshua Moore Irmo Middle School 3
Snare Erik Sheldon College Park Mid 4
Snare Logan Goldstein Ft. Johnson Middle School 5
Snare Stephen Rutland Guinyard-Butler Middle School A1
Snare Brandon Bilinski Chapin Middle A2
Snare Will Case Hand A3
Mallets Alan Chan Laing Middle School 1
Mallets Thomas Waites Irmo Middle School 2
Mallets Laura Mohrmann Rawlinson Road A1
Timpani Scott Black School of the Arts 1
Timpani Aston Motes Irmo Middle School A1