1997 Southern Region Junior Concert Band

South Carolina
Southern Region Junior Symphonic and Concert Bands

Congratulations to those who made the band!

Note: An “S” before the chair number indicates Symphonic Band. A “C” indicates Concert Band.


Instrument Name School Chair
Flute  Amber Guyton Dubose Ms S1
Flute  Jennifer Crosby Walterboro Jr S2
Flute  Sarah Doering Moultrie S3
Flute  Tiffany Speelman Laing Ms S4
Flute  Meg Mittlestadt Laing Ms S5
Flute  Allison Zobel Drayton Hall S6
Flute  Kimberly Witherspoon E. Clarendon S7
Flute  Victor Sallee College Park S8
Flute  Lilah Villahermosa College Park S9
Flute  Nicole Hammond College Park S10
Flute  Elizabeth Dew Ft. Johnson S11
Flute  Candace Brown Moultrie S12
Flute Marketta Barnes Robert Smalls Ms C1
Flute  Sarah Lemmons Moultrie C2
Flute  Crystal Allen Sedgefield C3
Flute  Braeden Kershner Westview C4
Flute  Stephanie Pischner Laing Ms C5
Flute  Tara Smith College Park C6
Flute  Wesley Burlingham Laing Ms C7
Flute  Joseph Holmes Moultrie C8
Flute  Lacey McNeely Sedgefield C9
Oboe  Oluchi Uwah School Of Arts S1
Oboe  Becky Chinners Westview S2
Oboe  Kristin Shuey Laing Ms S3
Oboe  Stephen Hamilton Oakbrook S4
Oboe  Michael Myers Drayton Hall C1
Oboe  Laurel Curry Moultrie C2
Oboe  Melissa Henslee Westview C3
Bassoon  Becki Brush Laing Ms S1
Bassoon  Elizabeth Flaherty Moultrie S2
Bassoon  Dayid Powell Dubose Ms S3
Clarinet  Alexis Major Laing Ms S1
Clarinet  Kalia Ellis Lady’s Island S2
Clarinet  Kristen Elmore Laing Ms S3
Clarinet  Daniel Hughes Laing Ms S4
Clarinet  Erin Elwood College Park S5
Clarinet Tiffani Gilliard College Park S6
Clarinet Katrina Robinson College Park S7
Clarinet Marquia Washington Sedgefield S8
Clarinet Ian Iampkin School Of Arts S9
Clarinet Sarah Ehinger Drayton Hall S10
Clarinet Almisha Porcher Moultrie S11
Clarinet Amanda Waltz Moultrie S12
Clarinet Monika Franklin College Park S13
Clarinet  Jessica Vega Dubose Ms S14
Clarinet Megan Wright Dubose Ms S15
Clarinet Rachel Hundley Laing Ms S16
Clarinet Mandy Colson Laing Ms S17
Clarinet  Travis York Moultrie S18
Clarinet  Jennifer Stokes Alston Ms S19
Clarinet  Joshua Pape School Of Arts S20
Clarinet  Landon Feller Moultrie S21
Clarinet Khristine Fullante Westview S22
Clarinet  Rosie McCloud Laing Ms S23
Clarinet  Rebecca Clark Alston Ms S24
Clarinet  Jeffrey Hall Hanahan Ms C1
Clarinet  Carey Dumont Sedgefield C2
Clarinet  Su An Bates Alice Birney C3
Clarinet  Carla Simpson Alice Birney C4
Clarinet  Hiedi Young Sedgefield C5
Clarinet  Melinda Curry Hanahan Ms C6
Clarinet  Samantha Flaten Walterboro Jr C7
Clarinet  Joane Laquitan Sedgefield C8
Clarinet  Andrea Branham Laing Ms C9
Clarinet  Joy Ackerman Hanahan Ms C10
Clarinet  Amanda Pavis Lady’s Island C11
Clarinet Ada Villinger Dubose Ms C12
Clarinet  Cyrus Rhine Sedgefield C13
Clarinet  Carey Purcell Laing Ms C14
Clarinet  Tim Carrigan School Of Arts C15
Clarinet  Jennifer Reed Drayton Hall C16
Bass Clar  Andrea Campbell College Park S1
Bass Clar Sarah Willis Moultrie S2
Bass Clar Sarah Katsanevakis Moultrie S3
Bass Clar Tiffany Whitehair Walterboro Jr S4
Bass Clar Michelle Mitchell Westview C1
Bass Clar Rachel Laddaga Laing Ms C2
Bass Clar Shakecia Young Walterboro Jr C3
Contra Cla  Lennaire Manigault Laing Ms S1
Alto Sax  Kevin Holman Robert Smalls Ms S1
Alto Sax  Shrieka Gilliard School Of Arts S2
Alto Sax Joyce Ednacot Sedgefield S3
Alto Sax  Nick Bechtol College Park S4
Alto Sax  Nic Riddle College Park S5
Alto Sax Bobby Young Sedgefield S6
Alto Sax  Daniel Erickson Moultrie C1
Alto Sax  Sarah Parkington Alston Ms C2
Alto Sax Sophipa Barnes Walterboro Jr C3
Alto Sax  Raymond Schwarz Alice Birney C4
Tenor Sax  Dustin Schell Hanahan Ms S1
Tenor Sax Jeff McMeans Alston Ms S2
Tenor Sax Sasha Breland Laing Ms C1
Tenor Sax Melissa Gilliard School Of Arts C2
Bari Sax Eleni Katsanevakis Moultrie S1
Bari Sax Allen Newsome Hanahan Ms C1
Trumpet  Alyssa Murphy Sedgefoeld S1
Trumpet  Jason Taylor Walterboro Jr S2
Trumpet Gus Katsanevakis Moultrie S3
Trumpet  Chris Greene Walterboro Jr S4
Trumpet  Stacey Coker Berkeley Ms S5
Trumpet  Steve Jones Alston Ms S6
Trumpet  Nikki Hiott Walterboro Jr S7
Trumpet  Patrick McConnaughey Moultrie S8
Trumpet  Ashley Hobgood College Park S9
Trumpet  Jimmy Jackson Wade Hampton S10
Trumpet  Ryan Way Berkeley Ms S11
Trumpet  TJ Evans Hanahan Ms S12
Trumpet  Gareth Avant Walterboro Jr S13
Trumpet  Charles Moore School Of Arts S14
Trumpet  Joe Hamilton Walterboro Jr S15
Trumpet  Sarah Sonnett Moultrie S16
Trumpet  Tasha Martin Sedgefield C1
Trumpet  Ian Mook College Park C2
Trumpet  Yonas Sinsuat Sedgefield C3
Trumpet  Kyle Moody Walterboro Jr C4
Trumpet  Ernest Robinson Robert Smalls Ms C5
Trumpet  Samantha Millen School Of Arts C6
Trumpet  Adam Bode Dubose Ms C7
Trumpet  Justin Loney Dubose Ms C8
Trumpet  Matt Laberge Sedgefield C9
Trumpet  Latoya Garrett Walterboro Jr C10
Trumpet  Austin Williams Walterboro Jr C11
Trumpet  Christina Wade College Park. C12
Trumpet  Shannon Vincent Manning MS C13
Horn  Jon Castelline Sedgefield S1
Horn  Rebecca Garr Laing Ms S2
Horn  Taylor Silver School Of Arts S3
Horn  David Rest Moultrie S4
Horn  Annie Luebchow Westview S5
Horn  Fallon Guyton Oakbrook S6
Horn  Jessica Fitts Moultrie S7
Horn  Mandy Mateer College Park S8
Horn  Laurie Ferguson Laing Ms C1
Horn  Jennie Leonard School Of Arts C2
Horn  Alyssa Batu Sedgefield C3
Horn  Amanda Wagner Westview C4
Horn  Samantha Dhaenens Dubose Ms C5
Horn  Tiffany Huckabee Walterboro Jr C6
Trombone  Alisha Mack Sedgefield S1
Trombone  Vincent Grant Brentwood S2
Trombone  Ian Carnes Laing Ms S3
Trombone Ryan Moretti Sedgefield S4
Trombone  Buzzy Laroche Laing Ms S5
Trombone  Maggie Koon Oakbrook S6
Trombone  Eric Sulkouski Sedgefield S7
Trombone  Robert Smalls Hanahan Ms S8
Trombone  Jared Mayhew School Of Arts S9
Trombone  Heather Cunningham Dubose Ms  C1
Trombone  Zora Johnson School Of Arts C2
Trombone  Will Taylor Laing Ms C3
Trombone  Lucas Nettles Walterboro Jr  C4
Trombone  Patrick Wigger Walterboro Jr  C5
Trombone  Aaron Hicks Drayton Hall C6
Trombone  Jennifer Dominick Drayton Hall C7
Baritone  Punit Seth Hanahan Ms S1
Baritone  Emily Jones Laing Ms S2
Baritone  Paul Merck College Park S3
Baritone  David McCarthy Hanahan Ms S4
Baritone  Dave Ensor Berkeley Ms C1
Baritone  Chrystal Chandler C.E. Murray  C2
Baritone  Matt Taylor Oakbrook C3
Tuba  Davis Buckheister Laing Ms  S1
Tuba  Lew Lewis Laing Ms S2
Tuba  Drew Howes Laing Ms S3
Tuba  Maryanna Snyder School Of Arts  S4
Tuba  Sammie Holmes Sedgefield S5
Tuba  Drew Stallard Alice Birney S6
Tuba  Harry Ferrell Walterboro Jr S7
Tuba  Randi Eaton College Park S8
Tuba  Thomas French Man Hanahan C1
Tuba  Robert Hays Westview C2
Tuba  Brian Strong Sedgefield C3
Tuba  James Stephens Walterboro Jr C4
Tuba  Kevin Muckenfuss Walterboro Jr C5
String Bass Ashleigh Manseau Moultrie S1
Snare  Sean Markey Drayton Hall S1
Snare  Dom Ciccolella Hanahan Ms S2
Snare  Stephen Evans E. Clarendon S3
Snare Ishmael Hallback Manning Ms S4
Snare Patrick Sarcinella Walterboro Jr S5
Snare Paul Capers Walterboro Jr C1
Snare Brett Lancer Laing Ms C2
Snare Sean Biggs Walterboro Jr C3
Snare Jason Gadson Sedgefield C4
Timpani Russell Bryant Moultrie S1
Timpani Ashley Hinson Drayton Hall  C1
Mallet Monica Correa Hanahan Ms S1
Mallet Stephanie Ahlstrom Laing Ms S2
Mallet Elspeth Anderson Walterboro Jr C1
Mallet Greg Richardson Drayton Hall C2