1997 Northern Region Junior Band

South Carolina
Northern Region Junior Band

Congratulations to those who made the Band!

Note: An “A” before the chair number indicates an alternate seat.

Instrument Name School Chair
Flute Krista Davenport Hughes Academy 1
Flute Karen Tritt Lakeside Middle 2
Flute Melissa Oden Powdersville Middle 3
Flute Alison Whardle Hillcrest Middle 4
Flute Joanna Derrick Boiling Springs Jr. High 5
Flute Amy Morse Northwest Middle 6
Flute Rachel Bassett Gettys Middle 7
Flute Kathleen Tran Boiling Springs Jr. High 8
Flute Stephanie A. Moore Northwest Middle 9
Flute Ashlee Gambrell Pendleton Jr. High 10
Flute Carreen Attaway Gettys Middle 11
Flute Reena Busby Lakeside Middle 12
Flute Kate Turner Lakeview Middle Al
Flute Laura Weathers Bob Jones Jr. High A2
Flute Abby Anderson Boiling Springs Jr. High A3
Flute Rebeca Bloch Northwood Middle A4
Flute Kimberly Collins Boiling Springs Jr. High A5
Flute Jamie Bates D.R. Hill Middle A6
Oboe Laurin Foster Bell Street Middle 1
Oboe Robert Garrett Gable Middle 2
Oboe Carrie Anderson Berea Middle 3
Oboe Amy Fierova Dawkins Middle 4
Oboe Amy Gibbs Boiling Springs Jr. High Al
Oboe Melissa Bryan McCracken Jr. High A2
Bassoon Traci Raymond Boiling Springs Jr. High 1
Bassoon Michael Hyde Gable Middle 2
Clarinet Krika Chalmers Hughes Academy 1
Clarinet Allison Lane Bryson Middle 2
Clarinet Angel Hsu Northwood Middle 3
Clarinet Jennifer Corpening Dawkins Middle 4
Clarinet Beth Osbirn Lakeside Middle 5
Clarinet Kristen Masters Gettys Middle 6
Clarinet Kristen Keller Dawkins Middle 7
Clarinet Chris Schwendner Boiling Springs Jr. High 8
Clarinet Brandi Richert Edwards Jr High 9
Clarinet Millicent Fowler Lakeside Middle 10
Clarinet Rebecca Heckathorn Boiling Springs Jr. High 11
Clarinet Carol Gojan Berea Middle 12
Clarinet Elizabeth Parham Dawkins Middle 13
Clarinet Meredith Rogers Bob Jones -Jr. High 14
Clarinet Nikki Hernandez D.R. Hill Middle 15
Clarinet Alicia Rowe Blacksburg High 16
Clarinet Kristina Monroe Boiling Springs Jr. High 17
Clarinet Jeffrey Kimmel Beck Academy 18
Clarinet Tina Holbrooks Northwest Middle 19
Clarinet Kayla Gibbs Gettys Middle 20
Clarinet Heather Foss Boiling Springs Jr. High 21
Clarinet Melissa Kopp Dawkins Middle 22
Clarinet Kelli Burgess Gettys Middle 23
Clarinet Jessica Wyatt Boiling Springs Jr. High 24
Clarinet Tabitha Slowe Gettys Middle Al
Clarinet Kit Smith Landrum Jr. High A2
Clarinet Summer Sybounahuang D.R. Hill Middle A3
Clarinet Peter Andersen Bob Jones Jr. High A4
Clarinet Cavanna Merritt Wren Middle A5
Clarinet Ashley Crocker Gettys Middle A6
Clarinet Maggie Pierson League Academy A7
Clarinet Emily Wilson Bob Jones Jr. High A8
Bass Clar Amy Ray Berea Middle 1
Bass Clar Kevin Juang Edwards Jr High 2
Bass Clar Ashley Sprouse Boiling Springs Jr. High 3
Bass Clar Mandy Smoltz Northwest Middle 4
Bass Clar Heather Conner Wren Middle Al
Bass Clar Joseph Byrd Laurens Jr. High A2
Alto Sax Lauren Meccia D.R. Hill Middle 1
Alto Sax Keyla Edwards League Academy 2
Alto Sax Ben Gaston Dacusville Middle 3
Alto Sax Wes Lewis Pickens Middle 4
Alto Sax Heather Phillips Northwest Middle 5
Alto Sax Nikki Knox Sims Jr. High 6
Alto Sax Erin Knipfer Dawkins Middle Al
Alto Sax Matthew Tedder Laurens Jr. High A2
Alto Sax Heather George Blacksburg High A3
Tenor Sax Matthew Binger Hughes Academy 1
Tenor Sax Johnny Rogers Hillcrest Middle 2
Tenor Sax Alex Grewe Walhalla Middle Al
Bari Sax Eric Terrell Northwest Middle 1
Bari Sax Emanuel Thomason Hughes Academy Al
Trumpet Jess Turner Bob Jones Jr. High 1
Trumpet Kris Hammond Bryson Middle 2
Trumpet Amanda Vernon Powdersville Middle 3
Trumpet Ryan Bugg Bob Jones Jr. High 4
Trumpet Josh Jackson D.R. Hill Middle 5
Trumpet Matt Burnett Northwest Middle 6
Trumpet Matthew Patrick Hughes Academy 7
Trumpet Jimmie Evans Lakeside Middle 8
Trumpet Edwin Beeks Hughes Academy 9
Trumpet Marissa Ulstad Wren Middle 10
Trumpet Marc Tompson Bob Jones Jr. High 11
Trumpet Andrew Dodd Bryson Middle 12
Trumpet Terry Sistare D.R. Hill Middle 13
Trumpet William Gosnell Blue Ridge High 14
Trumpet Chase Hawkins Beech Springs 15
Trumpet Leigh Hughes Dawkins Middle 16
Trumpet Matt Moore Gable Middle Al
Trumpet Kent Chastain D.R. Hill Middle A2
Trumpet John Rogers Dawkins Middle A3
Trumpet Brian Horn Granard Jr. High A4
Trumpet Jason Adkins Gettys Middle A5
Trumpet Aaron Dasher Laurens Jr. High A6
Horn Emily Kaiser Gable Middle 1
Horn Melanie Reem Bob Jones Jr. High 2
Horn Andrew Sharps Bob Jones Jr. High 3
Horn Alicia McIntyre D.R. Hill Middle 4
Horn Alan Sherban Bob Jones Jr. High 5
Horn Paige Debenenedittis Brewer Middle 6
Horn Trip Johnson Powdersville Middle 7
Horn Faith Russell Powdersville Middle 8
Horn Dana Mull D.R. Hill Middle Al
Horn Meagan Landrum Berea Middle A2
Horn Andrew Patton D.R. Hill Middle A3
Horn Beth Murff Boiling Springs Jr. High A4
Trombone Neil Duncan Boiling Springs Jr. High 1
Trombone Miles Coleman Bob Jones Jr. High 2
Trombone Ashley Lawson Gable Middle 3
Trombone Scott Bryson Blue Ridge High 4
Trombone Matt Holycross McCracken Jr. High 5
Trombone Whitney Brown Berea Middle 6
Trombone Ben Neely Lakeside Middle 7
Trombone Scott Crews Hillcrest Middle 8
Trombone Matthew Bennett Woodruff Middle 9
Trombone Andy Mcleod Walhalla Middle Al
Trombone David Newell Boiling Springs Jr. High A2
Trombone Shana Stacy Fairforest Middle A3
Trombone Donnie Sims Gable Middle A4
Trombone Jason Taylor McCracken Jr. High A5
Baritone Lloyd Gibson Wren Middle 1
Baritone Karen Long Edgewood Middle 2
Baritone Jaff Green D.R. Hill Middle 3
Baritone Zachary Jennings Laurens Jr. High 4
Baritone Rebecca Morrell Boiling Springs Jr. High Al
Baritone Will Bryan Laurens Jr. High A2
Tuba Steven Belchem McCracken Jr. High 1
Tuba Lucas Fleming Fairforest Middle 2
Tuba Evan Connelly Boiling Springs Jr. High 3
Tuba Sarah Kizer Boiling Springs Jr. High 4
Tuba Jonas Nix Boiling Springs Jr. High 5
Tuba Thomas McClintock Woodruff Middle 6
Tuba Will Patterson Laurens Jr. High 7
Tuba Ben Boggs Edwards Jr High 8
Tuba Adam Green Mabry Jr. High Al
Snare Chris Taylor Boiling Springs Jr. High 1
Snare Mary Davenport Boiling Springs Jr. High 2
Snare Jamario Twitty Berea Middle 3
Snare Andrew Mcallister Dawkins Middle 4
Snare Ashley Seay Boiling Springs Jr. High 5
Snare Jacob Senn Boiling Springs Jr. High Al
Snare Heather Fix D.R. Hill Middle A2
Snare Erin Hughes Powdersville Middle A3
Mallet Amy Bagwell Dawkins Middle 1
Mallet Rachel Wells Blue Ridge High 2
Mallet Milissa Redding Northwest Middle Al
Timpani Chris Nicholson D.R. Hill Middle 1
Timpani Matt Conn Dawkins Middle Al