1997 Central Junior Clinic Band

South Carolina
Central Region Junior Band

Congratulations to those who made the band!

Note: An “A” before the chair number indicates an alternate seat. 


Instrument Name Chair School
Flute Tiffany Loveless 1 Irmo I
Flute Drew Pridgen 2 Irmo I
Flute Anita Autry 3 Lexington Middle
Flute Stephanie Arnold 4 Fort Mill
Flute Katie Nance 5 Dent
Flute Mary Berley 6 Hand
Flute Jessica Foster 7 Summit Parkway
Flute Rebekah Norris 8 Gilbert
Flute Kelly Edmonds 9 Gilbert
Flute Beth Washington 10 Chapin
Flute Jeffrey Stephenson 11 Irmo R
Flute Heather Showman 12 Hand
Flute Beth Brophey Al Gilbert
Flute Jodi Williams A2 York
Flute Stephanie Brown A3 Blythewood
Flute Leslie Raynor A4 Summit Parkway
Flute Lena Gilliam A5 St Andrews
Flute Ashley Lindsay A6 El Wright
Oboe Timothy White 1 Fort Mill
Oboe Lee Ann Murdaugh 2 Chapin
Oboe Melinda Schmidt 3 Lexington Middle
Oboe Erin Mathis 4 Rawlinson Road
Oboe Elizabeth Shealy Al Sullivan
Oboe Rachel Maree A2 Dent
Bassoon Karina Garvin 1 St Andrews
Bassoon Michael Anderson 2 Rawlinson Road
Bassoon Jon Surratt 3 Fort Mill
Bassoon Audrey Hartness 4 Newberry
Bassoon Jeane Best Al St Andrews
Bassoon Christina Hagan A2 Dent
Clarinet Vann Potter 1 Summit Parkway
Clarinet Julie Head 2 Gilbert
Clarinet Micah Boone 3 Blythewood
Clarinet Sarah Miller 4 Fort Mill
Clarinet Kim Keefe 5 Fort Mill
Clarinet George Ouzduidis 6 Summit Parkway
Clarinet Kristen Rossman 7 Fort Mill
Clarinet Carrie Schultz 8 York
Clarinet Beth Ramsey 9 York
Clarinet Frank Rogers 10 Hand
Clarinet Amanda Crosby 11 Whitmire
Clarinet Megan Anderson 12 Irmo R
Clarinet David MacGrayne 13 Irmo R
Clarinet Nicole Sanchious 14 WG Sanders
Clarinet Shemeia Gilmore 15 Gibbes
Clarinet Jennifer Moss 16 York
Clarinet Jesscia Harrington 17 Gilbert
Clarinet MJ O’Neal 18 Summit Parkway
Clarinet Alex Pierce 19 Fort Mill
Clarinet Kisha Jones 20 Dent
Clarinet Alan Schultz 21 Irmo I
Clarinet Brandon Flake 22 Chapin
Clarinet Jeffrey Peeler 23 Irmo R
Clarinet Ashley Frazier 24 E L Wright
Clarinet Rachel Gardner Al Fort Mill
Clarinet Hillary Twigg A2 Chapin
Clarinet Ruby Holmes A3 Hopkins
Clarinet Charlyn Colman A4 Alcorn
Clarinet Summer Joy A5 Irmo
Clarinet Mariel Clark A6 Newberry
Clarinet Krystal Childers A7
Clarinet Katie Schooler A8
Bass Clar Jason Block 1 Summit Parkway
Bass Clar Crystal Thomas 2 York
Bass Clar Amy Harmon 3 Fort Mill
Bass Clar Kyle Casey 4 Fort Mill
Bass Clar Janelle Root Al Rawlinson Road
Bass Clar Amanda Graham A2
Contra Clar Antonio Rodrieguez 1 Fort Mill
Alto Sax Daniel Berryhill 1 Fort Mill
Alto Sax  Lauren Workman 2 Gilbert
Alto Sax Keegan Sacko 3 Blythewood
Alto Sax Richard Crapps 4 Chapin
Alto Sax Lindsey Beard 5 York
Alto Sax Dane Dressler 6 Hand
Alto Sax Melissa Davis Al Summit Parkway
Alto Sax Jessica Lee A2 E L Wright
Alto Sax Victor Kemper A3 Irmo I
Tenor Sax Jonathan Macullum 1 Summit Parkway
Tenor Sax Jeffery White 2 Chapin
Tenor Sax Matt Wells Al York
Bari Sax Kent Pippin 1 Irmo R
Bari Sax Steven Dragun Al Chapin
Trumpet Jonathan Johnson 1 Dent
Trumpet Mike Bandy 2 Crayton
Trumpet Paul Hensley 3 Blythewood
Trumpet Mark Miller 4 Fort Mill
Trumpet Zach Nichols 5 Northside
Trumpet Kenneth Green 6 Irmo R
Trumpet Ben Angstadt 7
Trumpet Eric Fox 8
Trumpet Vanessa Lawson 9 St Andrews
Trumpet Mike Taylor 10 Crayton
Trumpet Lee Myers 11 Ben Lippen
Trumpet Robert Crist 12 Clover
Trumpet Daniel Rowland 13 Summit Parkway
Trumpet Misty Jessee 14 Great Falls
Trumpet Bryan Ham 15 El Wright
Trumpet Nathan Bradshaw 16 Chapin
Trumpet Josh Lamb Al Summit Parkway
Trumpet Alan Parks A2 Lexington Middle
Trumpet Charles Baysinger A3 Hand
Trumpet Sarah Warren A4 Newberry
Trumpet Corbin Crittenden A5 White Knoll
Trumpet David Desoto A6 Irmo R
Trumpet Ashley Jones A7 Dent
Trumpet Vincent Novitsky A8 Summit Parkway
Horn Kara Lane 1 Lexington Middle
Horn Jennifer Warren 2 Batesburg
Horn Corinne Sheridan 3 Hand
Horn Robin Phillips 4 Blythewood
Horn Kate Bugenske 5 Chapin
Horn Jonathan Hoover 6 White Knoll
Horn Julia Bradish 7 Clover
Horn Megan Powell 8 Rawlinson Road
Horn Jennifer Dixon Al White Knoll
Horn Alyssa Roland A2 Chapin
Horn Lauren Morris A3 Summit Parkway
Horn Beth Conner A4 Irmo I
Trombone Andrew Reich 1 Northside
Trombone Brandon Poston 2 Northside
Trombone Robert Gunning 3 Irmo I
Trombone Andy Su 4 Northside
Trombone Ryan Wells 6 Summit Parkway
Trombone Jeremy Byrd 7 Summit Parkway
Trombone Nichole Massey 8 Gilbert
Trombone Robin Isenhour 9 Fort Mill
Trombone Robbie Garner Al Northside
Trombone Brian Loeper A2 Fort Mill
Trombone Jon Hughes A3 Sullivan
Trombone Patrick Sweeney A4 Blythewood
Trombone Josh Jenkins A5 Crayton
Baritone Jon Buhrow 1 Chapin
Baritone Carl Frederick 2 Hand
Baritone Marcus Sizemore 3 Fort Mill
Baritone Sam Lobue 4 Fort Mill
Baritone Aleta Metzler Al Irmo R
Baritone Joey Weinberg A2 El Wright
Tuba Bobby Earl 1 York
Tuba Judith Justice 2 Crayton
Tuba Alex Covert 3 Chapin
Tuba Alaina Law 4 Fort Mill
Tuba Roben Washburn 5 Pelion
Tuba Stephen Crouch 6 Chapin
Tuba Tyrone Suber 7 St Andrews
Tuba Chris Hoyle 8 Fort Mill
Tuba Ashlie Simmons Al Northside
Tuba Joseph Rose A2 Pelion
Tuba William Perry A3 Dent
Tuba Crystal Shaw A4 Gibbes
Snare Brett Ermer 1 Rawlinson Road
Snare Robert Blair 2 Fort Mill
Snare Erin Hopper 3 Clover
Snare Micheal Blackburn 4 Crayton
Snare Sam Watson 5 Chapin
Snare Alan Walters Al Irmo I
Snare Chris Ellison A2 York
Snare Micheal Shear A3 Chapin
Mallet Nona Woodle 1 Chester
Mallet Elizabeth Mobley 2 Rawlinson Road
Mallet Micahel Hurst Al Dent
Timpani Eric Williamson 1 El Wright
Timpani Cole Chappell Al Hand