Registering Students to Audition for Region Band

  1. The registration deadline is November 8, 2019. Region Chairpersons will not accept any registration form postmarked after November 8, 2019. (Directors should take note that this is a postmark deadline. Registrations submitted on Bandlink on or before November 8, but getting a postmark of November 9 or later, will not be accepted). A postage date and a postmark are NOT the same things.
  2. Home-schooled students may participate under the following stipulations:
    • Home-schooled students must participate in a home school band program.
    • Home school band student’s families must be members of a South Carolina Home School Association.
    • Home school band students must register through their band director, who must be a member of SCBDA. (see Chapter 1; Article III, Section 2 and 4) Parents of home school students and private studio teachers or instructors may not register students.
    • Directors must send documentation of home school student’s family’s SCHSA membership in lieu of a principal’s signature.
    • Directors must send a current roster of all participants in the home school band, including instrument and grade.
    • Directors must send a current rehearsal schedule, including the number of rehearsals scheduled.
    • Directors must send a program from a concert performance within the last year.
    • Directors must send documentation showing that at least 50% of the ensemble is comprised of home school students.
  3. Students enrolled at the Governor’s School for the Arts are required to register from, and audition, in their “home” region. These students would still be listed as Governor’s School students and the Governor’s School for the Arts would receive credit for them toward the Concert Achievement Award.
  4. Region Chairmen will mail the audition schedules on or before December 6, 2019. If an error is discovered after the schedule is mailed out, and the error is determined to have occurred during the region chairman’s scheduling process, then the director must notify the region chairman in writing on or before December 13, 2019. After December 13, 2019, the region audition schedule is final and no changes of any kind, regardless of their origin, will be made.
  5. Only the Band Director may register students to audition for Region or All-State Band. Directors are asked to register students for auditions using the Online Registration Form found on Band Link. This form must be submitted through the website once all the information is correct and complete. Directors will also be required to print a copy of these forms (e-mailed to them after submitting online), obtain the appropriate signatures, and mail them to the Region Chairman. A student signature is required for each student registered. Their signature certifies that all of the student’s personal information (name, instrument, grade) is correct. Region Chairpersons are instructed to return incorrect forms to the director, and his students will not be registered until the deficiencies are corrected. Students that do not sign the form will not be registered for region auditions.
  6. An audition fee of $12.00 per student must be included with the registration form. Make checks payable to SCBDA. Registration fees for the Region Band Clinics are at the discretion of the region band directors and will be paid along with the clinic registration at the completion of all auditions.
  7. Band Directors are urged to register only those students who, in the director’s opinion, possess the genuine caliber of musicianship which will prove to be an asset to the All-State Bands. The director is also responsible for knowing that each of his/her students is cognizant of all audition requirements.
Region 1
Rick Langdale
Easley High School
154 Green Wave Blvd
Easley, SC 29642 
[email protected]
Region 3
Paul Guzewicz
1615 Natalie Lane
Rock Hill, SC  29730
[email protected]
Region 5
Eric Terry
South Florence High School
3200 South Irby St.
Florence, SC  29505
[email protected]
Region 2
Hunter White
Gilbert High School
840 Main St.
Gilbert, SC  29054
803.821.1926 (S)  803.821.1903 (F)
[email protected]
Region 4
Lori Smith
Lake Marion High School
PO Box 650
Santee, SC 29142
[email protected]
Region 6
Denise Hembree
Dorman Freshman Campus
1225 Cavalier Way
Roebuck, SC  29376
[email protected]