Suggested Instrumentations

Suggested Instrumentations (These are maximums)
Flutes 12 Cornets/Trumpets 16
Oboes 4 French Horns 8
Bassoons 4 Trombones 9
Bb Soprano Clarinets 24 Baritones 4
Bass Clarinets 4 Tubas 8
Contra Clarinets 2 String Basses 2
Alto Saxophones 6 Battery/Mallet 7
Tenor Saxophones 2 Timpani 1
Baritone Saxophones 1    


Each committee will select a set number of qualified alternates for each section of each band. Alternates may attend the Region or All-State Clinics at the discretion of their directors. Alternates attending the clinics will not rehearse with their respective bands unless they are needed to fill a vacancy. In all other respects they are considered actual members of their respective bands and may receive medals, provided they attend the clinic. No student who scores less than a total of 75 points on the region audition will not be allowed to participate in the Region Honor Bands or Alternate Band.


Flutes 6 Cornets / Trumpets 8
Oboes 2 French Horns 4
Bassoons 2 Trombones 5
Bb Soprano Clarinets 8 Baritones 2
Bass Clarinets 2 Tubas 4
Contra Clarinets 1 String Basses 1
Alto Saxophones 3 Battery/Mallet 4
Tenor Saxophones 1 Timpani 1
Baritone Saxophones 1