2021 Marching Host Applications Now Open


We hope and trust that you are all doing well, staying safe, and having success making music and creating experiences with your students! As we move toward the 2021 fall season, we need to consider the site hosts for the 2021 SCBDA Marching Championships. We will open the applications online at this time and will need these applications completed by April 15, 2021.

Let me encourage those of you who might want to host an event to have those conversations ASAP with your administration, if you haven’t already, and reiterate to them that we are all committed to the safety of everyone involved. There will be uncertainties at this point, but you can reassure them that the SCBDA will follow accepted guidelines and local protocols involved in hosting events and maintain communication with sites and host schools/districts as the fall season nears and the public health picture develops into the summer and fall.

Consider the application process as if the fall season will be normal, and we will work from that template until there is, and IF there is, a reason to change course. Realize that there is a possibility we could still be looking at reduced crowds by that time, but if the events can occur, the programs in SC are aching to get back to our lives on the field, and we are committed to seeing our championships return to normal as soon as it is possible to do so.

Being able to do that will require site hosts, so consider the possibility of being one of our host schools if you feel that your facilities and community are well-suited and up to the task.

Thank You, and have a safe, music-filled spring!


Leslie Gilreath
Marching Committee Chair