2021 CPA Information

On January 9, 2021, the SCBDA approved moving our traditional Concert Performance Assessment event to a virtual submitted event, and further relaxed the participating ensembles’ requirements for this year.

Virtual Event Justification

  • Most host sites are unavailable for on-campus use.
  • Many ensembles are not able to travel at this time.
  • A virtual event provides an opportunity, similar to the Fall Performance Experience, where ensembles can perform and receive meaningful, constructive feedback based on a submitted recording.


  • The registration window will be from January 11 – February 8, 2021.
  • Registration fees are $25 per ensemble.
    • This fee allows the director to receive recorded feedback on a submitted performance.
    • If interested, for an additional $25 (per ensemble), a virtual clinic with the adjudicator will be arranged. These sessions will be available via adjudicator with an ensemble or adjudicator with the director. 
    • Credit Cards or Checks (made payable to SCBDA) are acceptable.
    • Registration fees from the 2020 CPA that were held will be rolled over to the 2022 CPA event.

Format & Submissions

  • Each participating ensemble will submit a minimum of one (1) concert selection and a maximum of three (3).
  • Directors are encouraged to select repertoire from the SCBDA CPA list; however, this year’s requirement is waived.
  • Recordings can be audio-only or video format. Videos may be uploaded to a streaming video service like YouTube or Vimeo or hosted in a director’s Google Drive, Dropbox, or other file sharing service. Directors will provide a URL where the performance may be viewed or downloaded at the time of their submission.
  • Directors will upload their recorded submission on Bandlink and other information like performance roster, instrumentation, program information, and the date of their recording.
  • Submissions will be made electronically to the SCBDA by an online form available March 15 – April 2, 2021.
  • Participating ensembles will receive adjudicator feedback and their clinic in April 2021.

Recording Considerations

  • Directors may reach out to recording specialists in their community for additional assistance to make a quality recording.
  • Consider microphone(s) placement(s), size of your room or hall, instrumentation, etc., when setting up your recording environment. Directors will be asked to describe their recording setup to help adjudicators provide their comments.

The Concert Committee judiciously believes that flexibility is a priority for this event. The committee’s goal is that this opportunity will offer any ensemble with the capacity to meet and rehearse the opportunity for a performance goal similar to our normal CPA event. The Concert Committee offers this event as an additional attempt to maintain our sense of community within our state and individual communities while providing directors with an opportunity to motivate students in this very challenging time. Please direct all pertaining questions to Craig Davis, Concert Chair.