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UPDATE 12/28/2020

In light of the high rise in SC COVID-19 cases causing many school districts to be fully virtual after winter break, our association has changed the following procedures concerning region auditions:

  • Region audition videos will now need to be submitted by 11:59 pm on Saturday, Jan. 23rd. (instead of Jan. 9)
  • Region auditions will be judged VIRTUALLY on Jan. 29 and/or Jan. 30 by directors at home or their home schools. Scales judges will be given access to videos; screened judges will only have access to audio files.
  • Region judging will be inputted by the adjudicating director into an online form, which will only be accessible by the region chairmen and the all-state chairman.
  • All-State auditions will still be judged on Feb. 6th in-person at Lexington High School, but the judges will view/listen to the region video submission. Students will NOT need to submit a second video if they qualify for all-state auditions. Directors that are willing and able to judge All-State auditions, please e-mail Jessica Wofford to express your interest.
  • Students who have already submitted a region audition video prior to learning about the deadline extension will be given a choice to have their submission wiped, and they may start the process over if they prefer. The all-state chairman will contact these directors individually.
  • NONE of these changes affect Jazz Auditions.
  • Please direct any questions to the All-State chairman, Jessica Wofford.

Video recordings of SCBDA auditions for Region Band, All-State Jazz Band, and All-State Concert Band will need to be done through an app called HeartOut. This is available for iOS and Android devices and is a free download. Below is some preliminary information concerning SCBDA's use of the app:

  • The video audition MUST be recorded within the app. Users cannot record it via a separate platform and upload it into the app.
  • Students must record their audition in one take (you can't do one video for scales, another for chromatic, and a third for solos).
  • A portion of the app allows students to practice taking videos to test out sound and video qualities. Once the student is ready, they will enter the official audition portion of the app. In this part of the app, students will have five attempts at a video recording. Once those attempts are met, students will be required to choose one of those five videos.

Remember, region auditions only consist of the following:

Region Winds - Scales, Chromatic Scale, Solo
Region Percussion - Card A Rudiments, Buzz Roll, Snare Solo, Card A Scales, Mallet Solo
Region Timpani - fp roll, solo tuning, and solo

Specific audition requirements are outlined on Bandlink and within the provisional chapters for All-State and Jazz available in the Director's Area.

Directors will judge Region Band auditions Virtually on January 23, 2020.
Directors will judge All-State Auditions on February 6, 2020, at Lexington High School.

HeartOut for SCBDA will be accessible by login starting the week of December 7, 2020, to submit recordings for Region Band auditions and All-State Jazz Auditions.

The submission window will close on Saturday, January 23, 2021, at 11:59 pm EST for region band auditions, and Saturday, January 30, 2021, at 11:59 pm EST for All-State Jazz.


Video Tips from SCBDA

How to Audition Using HeartOut

Audition Event Codes

After creating an account and signing in to the app, you will need the following invitation code(s) after entering the "Private Audition" section.

For Region Band: SCBDA21R

For All-State Jazz: SCBDA21J

Individual entry event codes are provided to registered students by their band director and are printed on the pre-filled audition tickets from the SCBDA.

Download the HeartOut App

Download the app to any mobile or tablet device by clicking the links below.