Clinic Solos for 2018-2019

Below are the PDFs for the Region and All-State solos for the 2018-2019 school year. Each student will play their selected solo through the “region ending” for region band auditions. If a student qualifies to audition for the all-state band, the student will play the solo, skip the region ending, and play the all-state ending. The all-state ending is to only be played for all-state auditions.

If a student is registered to audition for battery/mallet percussion, they will need to perform BOTH the snare and mallet solos. If they are registered for timpani, the student only needs to play the timpani solo.

Clinic Flute

Clinic Oboe

Clinic Bassoon

Clinic Clarinet

Low Clarinet (rvsd 6/17/18 for m. 13 & m. 32)

Clinic Saxophone (alto, tenor, and bari)

Clinic Trumpet (rvsd 12/20/2018 for a/b ending clarification)

Clinic Horn

Clinic Trombone

Clinic Bass Trombone

Clinic Euphonium BC

Clinic Euphonium TC

Clinic Tuba

Clinic Mallet

Clinic Snare

Clinic Timpani

The additional materials available for the wind solos available through (piano accompaniments, duet parts, etc.) are not required for SCBDA region and all-state auditions. The SCBDA does NOT require students to purchase or use these additional products for their audition preparation.