All-State and Region Bands

Guidelines for Sightreading

  1. Junior Band sightreading will contain no compound meter at the first audition. It could contain slow compound meter (in 6) at the second audition. There will be no cut-time sight reading for the Junior Band. Clinic Band sightreading could contain slow compound meter (in 6) at the first audition. It should contain slow, compound meter at the second audition. Clinic Band sight reading could contain cut-time. Senior Band sightreading may contain meter changes at the second audition. The existing rule is still that one selection will be in duple meter and the other in triple or compound meter, with the above exceptions. A triple selection not in compound meter would be 3/4.
  2. Sightreading will be scored according to a grid (1-15 points) with ratings (Superior, Excellent, etc.) used as a guideline. Sightreading selections will be considered to be the same as a grade VI solo. A separate grid will he used for each selection.
  3. Sightreading selections are to be copied and edited onto a blank folder.
  4. Each student will be given 30 seconds to study each sightreading selection.
  5. There will be a three-year rotating list of sightreading. It will be secured each year by the Region and All-State Chairmen. The list will be reviewed and edited as necessary.
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