All-State and Region Bands

Audition Requirements

Wind Instruments
(Listed in order of Performance)
Junior Clinic Senior Points
Scales Scales Scales 15
Chromatic Chromatic Chromatic 5
Solo Solo Solo 30
Sightreading Sightreading Sightreading 30
Terms Terms Terms 5
Tone Tone Tone 15

1. String Bass Players - Students will be selected through the All-State Orchestra auditions for the Region and All-State Bands. Click here to go to the Orchestra site for more information on registrations, scales requirements, and a copy of the solo.

2. Note: Students auditioning will perform for one of 3 types of committees. Single committee auditions will take place in one room; double committee auditions will take place in 2 rooms; and triple committee auditions will use 3 rooms. ALL students auditioning will perform scales first followed by the solo and then sight-reading.

3. Students attending the Governor’s School for the Arts must audition in their “home region”.

4. Tone - This is for beauty, control, knowledge of characteristic sound, and ability to use this knowledge to the maximum effectiveness.

(Listed in order of performance)
Junior Clinic Senior Points
Technical Proficiency Technical Proficiency Technical Proficiency 20
Solo Solo Solo 30
Sightreading Sightreading Sightreading 30
Overall Technique Overall Technique Overall Technique 15
Terms Terms Terms 5

5. Solo - Percussionists will designate one of the following two groups as their major area of performance:
1 - Battery/Mallets or 2 - Timpani.

6. Musical Terms - (The terms will be shown to students during auditions, not read aloud.) A group of terms will be listed on a sheet along with multiple choices of definitions. The students are to say the term aloud and give the correct answer. Click HERE to view an Example Term Card.

7. Overall Technique for percussion will be the equivalent of the tone score for wind instruments. The technique score will be given at the end of the audition and will reflect the student’s overall level of sound quality and general approach to performing percussion music.

Sightreading Guidelines
Junior Clinic Senior
Region Region Region
All-State All-State All-State
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